Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Finally done with this "Not, Vamp Gal"

This piece started out as a Vamp Gal, for a Leslie West collector/commemorative guitar thing. It turned into more of a straight up Pin Up Miss America/Mississippi Gal. All in all a pretty fun, but frustrating as Hell project.
Thinking I was doing myself a favor, I laid the piece out on Mat Board. I've had much success on this medium in the past. But alas, this time, Not.
Started with the background, and had a ton of fun doing the Mountain Scape. Not something IM known for, and as it turns out Fun. Than the Skull. Always a blast rendering a human (or any other kind) Skull. Played around a bit with color, and was really pleased with the results.
Now comes the gal. Should be easy right? Hell this is what I do. I don't know what my problem is, but it seems every freakin time I start one of these things lately, its like the first time i've ever done it. The skin tones started out tough, and just got tougher. Starting out too red, than too dark, than not smooth enough. Hell it was just an uphill battle from the Gal part on.
But finally after several hours, I called it quits. Made a scan, and sent her off. Only too be told that they thought the gal was a bit dark, and if I could change her. Hah, I wish. But I do have a friend who's pretty savvy with Photoshop, and sent her to him. He made some adjustments to her. and here's where my chosen medium bites me in the ass. Seems that when lightening the gal up, all of the Keen texture (that I like so much in an original piece), just became more noticeable. I can only hope that when she prints it looks good.
IM certain that this is far from the last post about this particular piece of art. And IM certain not the last post with my frustration about my art in general.

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Wow, 2 in 1 week

yup, thats right. Managed to spend another evening doing a bit of painting. And Im quite excited bout it.
I had a client in about a week ago, and I dod a smallish tattoo on him. I was kinda diggin the Sketch so I decided to paint it. heres the results.
Im Calling her "Bloody Mess". She's pretty small, Maybe 8"x10", and is acrylic on Gessoed board.

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Been to long

It seems that every time, I find time to Post here, the first thing I think is finally! I started this blog to put out the art IM doing, outside of tattooing. Well it seems as of late all IM doing is tattooing, leaving very little time to create art off of the skin. Mind you not a bad thing, as I do make a living as a tattooist, and if I had to rely on my art to put food on the table, well lets just say I'd probably not have a weight problem.
But needless to say, I finally managed to put a bit of time in front of the easel, and get this lil baby down. I've always had a thing for the image of a gal and an octopus, perhaps it goes back to the first time I heard the Japanese fable. Regardless this is an idea that I've been kicking around for sometime. And its an image I plan on revisiting soon, as this only scratched the surface.
She'll debut at Hope Galleries "Holiday Hangings" Saturday December 4th.

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Trials, and Tribulations.

Well October 22nd, Hope gallery Hosted its "PeepShow, Pin-Ups", to much success. What many did not know was the hassles involved of putting the show together. The worst (for me at least) was a insanely busy schedule (work, and travel, which is still work related), and very nearly ruining (well really ruining) my piece for the show.
Yup she nearly didn't make it. With only 2 days to go, and a full schedule of appointments. I went at my painting with gusto, only to shake an open bottle of black Golden acrylic over it, and proceed to cover said painting with it.
Amazingly I did not freak, or even scream, yell, or break anything. Nope I took it in stride, and worked my ass off the next 2 evenings (after a full day tattooing), to finish her.
She's titled "Electric, Day of the Dead", Measures 12x16", and is Acrylic, on Clay board (this will probably be the last time I work on that stuff). Check out the rest of the show at

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Waaayyy Too long

Wow, been a while since I posted any thing. Let alone, anything cool.
Well I've been swamped with tattooing, and stuff at Home. But I finally managed to do a bit of sketching (that didn't involve a tattoo). Here's a couple of things. IM hoping to paint the day of the dead gal this afternoon. We'll se how that goes down

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Back From Dragon Con.

What can I say, it was one Hell of a trip. Lots of driving, Lots of walking, lots of standing around, and a shit ton of lines, and oh did I mention the Standing, and walking! But all in all Dragon Con was a blast. We had a killer booth location crammed between Camilla d'Errico And Greg Simkins More inspiration there wasn't!
There were all sorts of kooky costumes, and nutty folks all around. And lets not for get all the artists. Again insanely inspiring. Got to Meet some great folks, Dan May and Brian Despain and friend Matt (sorry Matt, IM an ass, couldn't find your card). Even got to do a collaboration tattoo with friend Greg on Brian. All in all a killer weekend, and entirely too much to write about. But do feel free to check out Hope's Baroness's site for Picts
Most likely more on this as time allows

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Dragon Con, here we come

Yup, how excited am I? Dragon Con is Next weekend, and your truly will be in attendance! We'll be in the isle with some tremendous artists, so try not to pass us by.
I'll have Prints, Stickers, Ash Can sketch book, & hopefully a new shirt (just for the event), if my printer makes that happen!
So hope ta see ya there

Sunday, August 15, 2010

COuple of Sketches

I won't bore the good folks here with a second rant from me. As I just posted on on my Home site about flaking no show, tattoo clients. But I will post the drawings of my latest "less than useful" client. As well as the mermaid that I drew as a second sketch for my Saturday client.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

New sketch project

Well I finally finished the lay out of this new Sketch book/Ash can project. I'll admit to straight up sucking at Photo shop, and layout. But she's done.
Its 26 pages, and will be available at Dragon con 9/10. Look for me at our Hope Gallery booth. So looking forward to this.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Girls, Girls, Girls.

Well tomorrow morning IM off to Las Vegas to visit friend Jime Litwalk and than drive out to CA to check out Nikko Hurtado, and the Black Anchor Collective Art show "Girls, Girls, Girls"
IM pretty excited to see the other works at this killer line up art show. Hope ta see some friends out there as well.

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Eat My Heart Out

Yup, IM done! Very excited. Had the day off from tattooing today, so how did I spend? Like any other nut ball artist with nothing better to do with himself (unfortunately, others would tell you I have better things to do).
But I had good reason to stay in and paint, on my day off. Like I've been posting, IM in this show July 31st out in CA, and this was my last piece for said show.
I must admit that I did a pretty stupid thing. Against my better judgement I tried a new surface to work on. The other fellers in the shop (Eric Merrill, Tim Harris, and Phil Young) all work on this Pastel Board, and they get some amazing results (Mind you they don't suck at painting). I normally paint on gessoed illustration board, but being lazy, and not wanting to cut it, and than prep it. I decided to try my hand with the Pastel board. Wow, what a dumb ass I am. Very different than most of what I've worked on. And I will say that I will probably never use it again.
But IM done, had, some fun, and I hope others like it as well.
This ones a bit more raw than my usual (well not as of late). Its titled "Eat My Heart Out", and its acrylic on Pastel board 11x14.

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Hunger Pangs.

Well IM done! In case you didn't know IM pretty happy, bout this, and fairly satisfied with the end results.
Like most of my painting as of late, I do a pretty even mix of Airbrushing, and Traditional paint brush work. I just can;t seem to get away from the use of my airbrushes. But IM trying to incorporate as much paint brush as I can. I really do love the textures, that you just can't seem to achieve with an airbrush.
As usual, all the paint is a mix of Holbien, Golden, and a bit of Badger airbrush acrylics. And all done with my Iwata custom micron c.
Like I said in previous posts, this piece will be one of 3 (by me) hanging at the Black Anchor Collective in CA. Opening July 31st.
Its 16x20", and titled "Hunger Pangs"

Friday, July 16, 2010

Trying my damnedest

Well IM still plugging away on this latest project, in which I've been asked to participate in a group show. Nikko Hurtado is hosting a killer line up, out in CA at Black Anchor Collective.
Here's where IM at for my second (of 3) piece. IM still having issues, but muddling through it. IM not certain what my problem is here. Seems like every time I start a new project, its like the first time I've painted in years. Really need to get over this shit.
I've a day off of work today, and was planning on heading to NY to visit family. But I've chosen to head to the studio and work on her. IM hoping to get it done today. So keep an eye peeled for updates.

Thursday, July 8, 2010


Man, I must say that one of my biggest beefs in this industry, is the pure lack of giving a shit about others art!

The other day I was informed about a tattoo shop in NJ that took one of my tattoos and used it for a printed add. It kill me because I post my work online for a handful of reasons. Firstly to advertise myself, and my work. Second, to show off what I've done, and what IM capable of. And lastly to inspire myself & hopefully inspire others.

Now the down side. There's a ton of artists (most Shitty), that don't seem to have a problem ripping off my art, and calling it there own. I mean shit, chances are if your ripping shit off, you suck, and others will most likely be able to tell the difference. And for the poor unfortunates who honestly believe your as good as the pictures you've ripped off. Too bad for them.

Which brings me to this. IM lucky enough to find myself a fairly respected, and even sometimes liked artist. With that, a lot of folks keep an eye out for me, and my art. And thats how this came to my attention.

IM just glad people keep an eye out for your truly. Now all I need to do is figure out a way to get even with these pricks...

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Lickity Split

Well I've been feeling a bit down by the fact that I've not blogged in what seems a while. But today, I had no tattooing to do, so chose to paint my rather sizable Little buns off.
Actually i've been meaning to get to these pieces sooner. But I've not been able to bring myself to start em. IM a bit freaked out by the fact that I'll be sharing the walls with some pretty impressive artists, and IM not all together comfortable with it. Honored, but still uncomfortable. The Shaws being called "Girls, Girls Girls", and is hosted by Nikko Hurtado's Black Anchor Collective

That having been said, heres the First piece. Its titles "Lickity Split", measures 4 1/2x6 1/2 and is acrylics on Gessoed wood. First time working on wood for me, and not an entirely unsatisfying experience. Sorry for the insanely Crappy scan. Looks like I'll need to be photographing this one.
The other 2 pieces for this show will be a bit larger (11x14"). and IM hoping will go as smoothly.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Not a Whole hell of a lot!

Well, not had a whole lot to blog about. Been pretty standard fair at the shop. Still hammering away at a couple of different projects. All of that did kinda come screeching to a halt bout 5 days ago, when I hurt my back, Again...
But on a side note, Nichole put this lil ditty up on Ebay the other day. Kinda syked some one will get the original art from the limited shirt we did.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Super secret project

Heres a lil, Some'thin, somethin', for ya to check out. I've been working on a super secret project to be released this August/September. Just in time for Dragon Con.
Keep an eye peeled for more.

Inked Magazine.

Well IM a month behind on this. But it did happen. Check it out.

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Finally done with it

Well after a week of no posts, I've finally got one to post. I must admit that IM hesitant to do so, as the image is quite graphic (even for me). But IM pretty happy with the results.
A little background. Well a few months ago, Eric, Merrill, Julio Rodriguez, and I were asked to participate in the Monica Henk Tribute show. Monica was a very talented tattoo artist, who had her future, & life taken away by a hit and run driver. a couple of years later Monica's Brother, and ex-Husband Dan Henk decided to host a tribute show for her. All 3 of us quickly jumped on it. Me more quicker than Eric, and Julio. Seems a lot of the artists did straight up tributes, using Monica in the pieces. Where I did a painting that I felt had a bit of life, and death significants.
Alas after seeing more and more of the images online (prior to the show). I felt mine didn't quite meet the specifications of the event, nor did it have any true feeling for Monica. So I went back to the drawing board a week before the show. And decided on this piece. For those who didn't know this image is very similar to an image I tattooed on her about a year or so before her passing. So at the time I thought what better to paint than that?
Unfortunately It never occurred to me at the time that Monica's whole family would be present at the opening. And there was a pretty good chance they'd find the image a bit disturbing, and inappropriate. SO with only a several hours to go to completion, I scraped the idea.
Problem being, I was pretty happy with the way the piece was turning out. So over the last couple of days I went back to it. And here is the final product (with a little censoring). As it turns out Dan will be putting the entire show together in a book. As it turns out there were quite a few artists that didn't make the deadline. So this piece will also be included in that publication.
IM still working on the title, but have a few in mind. Its all Acrylic (Airbrush, and brush), on gessoed board. And measures approximately 7x14"
I've shown a couple of close ups. I used a lot more paint brush than in the past. IM really digging the effect I can achieve, even though IM not incredibly prolific, or comfortable at the moment. But all in good time I hope.

Saturday, June 5, 2010

The Empire, has left the Building

Well not entirely. I'd like to announce the success of out "Disturbance in the Force" show last evening. It was a fantastic time! We had some Storm Troopers, Imperial Guards, and even a Slave Leia. Tope this all off with some amazing art, and cool folks, all equals a fantastic evening.
You can view more picts here at
And a bunch of the art for sale, here
All in all a fine time.

Thursday, June 3, 2010


Yup, all done. Spent the day tattooing, and painting. More time painting than tattooing, but it all worked out in the end. Left the studio before 10pm to boot (didn't expect that).
IM calling here "Let our Droids Service You" Thanks again Eric, for the title). Shes just a bit over 8" high, and done in acrylics (airbrush, and traditional brush), on Gessoed, illustration board.
This was a whole lotta fun, and very rewarding as I now have 2 pieces for the May 4th (Friday) "Disturbance in the Force" show at Hope.
Hope ta see ya there.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Star Wars, Maiden, and beyond!

So Another day, another dollar. Well Maybe a couple of dollars. Today, I finally got some tattooing under my belt, and while doing that, I was putting the several cotes of Urathane on my "Eddie get a Little Head" skate deck for the Toronto NIX Tattoo Convention, art show. Actually somewhat early on the completion, but IM certain it'll make it just in time. As I'll need to give the Urethane ample time to set, and dry. IM pretty happy with the way it turned out, unfortunately the pics are less than fantastic. But, we all know how that is.
Than after my tattoo I guess I was feeling a bit froggy, and decided to get crackin on the sketch for the second piece I wanted to do for the star wars show. IM not certain what IM thinking here, as the show is literally only days away, and I've appointments every day up to the show. Not fun, but IM gonna giver a try.
Here's the sketch, Its Entitled "Let our Droids Service You". (Thanks for that title Eric)
p.s. check out the show on

Monday, May 31, 2010

Little maiden Action

Well I've been painting just about every day this past week (astounding for the likes of me). Which is good, cause I've taken on way more than I can chew here.
But yesterday found me in Hope's studio till late in the day, working on this skate deck. Its for a tattoo convention/art show in Toronto Canada. The shows called "Highway to Hell", and has a, you guessed it, Rock-n-Roll, Heavy Metal theme. Now IM not much of an AC-DC fan, so I went with my old stand by. Lil Eddie Maiden!
I can't even tell you how many Maiden denim jackets I painted back in the day. And IM happy to announce that it don't get tired. This project, so far has been fun. I was gonna go with my standard girly pin-up stuff. But decided this would be more fun, and a bit more unique for me.
So here's where IM at so far. Keep and eye peeled for updates.

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Star Wars frustrations

Well, the past two days has been a trying time for yours truly (artistically). Let me explain. As some of you may know next Friday (June 4th) is hope galleries "Disturbance in the Force" art show. and as usual, I've got too much to do, and waited till the last minute to start my piece.
Well Yesterday, and todays appointments, flaked, and cancelled on me. Not happy, but looked at this as a sign to get my ass to painting. Which I've done. For the past 2 day. 2 solid days of painting (6-7 hours each day). Now I know this may not seem like much to most artists, but for me its a lot in a single stretch (just one of the many reasons I tattoo, and not paint for a living, lack of discipline).
Well today I drew to a close, and I tell ya what. IM not too happy so far. Granted I've a ways to go, but still,,, Well tomorrows a day of tattooing (I hope), and Saturday will have me looking on the piece with fresh eyes. So IM hoping to wrap this B#*CH up by Sunday. Wish me luck
This is just a section of where im at