Thursday, May 27, 2010

Star Wars frustrations

Well, the past two days has been a trying time for yours truly (artistically). Let me explain. As some of you may know next Friday (June 4th) is hope galleries "Disturbance in the Force" art show. and as usual, I've got too much to do, and waited till the last minute to start my piece.
Well Yesterday, and todays appointments, flaked, and cancelled on me. Not happy, but looked at this as a sign to get my ass to painting. Which I've done. For the past 2 day. 2 solid days of painting (6-7 hours each day). Now I know this may not seem like much to most artists, but for me its a lot in a single stretch (just one of the many reasons I tattoo, and not paint for a living, lack of discipline).
Well today I drew to a close, and I tell ya what. IM not too happy so far. Granted I've a ways to go, but still,,, Well tomorrows a day of tattooing (I hope), and Saturday will have me looking on the piece with fresh eyes. So IM hoping to wrap this B#*CH up by Sunday. Wish me luck
This is just a section of where im at

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