Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Friends Like these, huh...

Well, IM still out here in LA,La land, And LOVING IT, NOT! Im bored, IM tired, and I wanna go back to tattooing on a daily Basis. But I digress...
Firstly like some may know, I was supposed to be in Austria, and Germany Last, and this week. Of course this trip trumped that one, so here I sit, it my North Hollywood hotel room, bored outta my skull, waiting on yet another late start to a day of what I hope will be low drama, and just good ole fashioned tattooing, and shit talkin (Wishful thinking).

The Above photo was sent to me by friends (I use the term Loosely) while attending the Austrian show, that I sadly missed. the following sketch was doodled by friend Jime Litwalk, in retaliation to my trip out west. Nice guy huh...

Now while I am a bit upset about spending time with friends abroad, I have whole heartedly embraced this part. And I've been trying to deal with my day to day life out here as best I can. I've been drawing, and trying to line up work (difficult as my time on set seems to change from time to time, and lining a shop, and client up last minute, is not all that easy). But I've been spending a bit of time drawing, when I can, heres a few.

I wanna thank Shawn Warcot, Johnny Arias For giving me a place to work, and crash while down in Riverside. A lot of fun working down there, and good folks out there at Empire Tattoo.

IM gonna stop writing now before I write something truly hateful, or something that may get my ass in a whole lotta trouble. Just know i am still out here, Missing My Gal, our Dog, The crew at Hope, and especially my Clients back east. Please forgive me. You'll have plenty of time to give me shit should all this filming see the light of day, on the TV.

Cracked in the Head
North Hollywood....

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Hello Hollywood

Well, what can I say so far? Not a whole lot, according to my contract. I can say that the days are long, and I've been trying to keep myself busy, while not on set.

Its been unfortunate that i've really not been able to tattoo nearly as much as I had hoped. IM sort of grounded when I do have a day off set, and its been difficult to get down to Ontario, and SpeakEasy tattoo. But I've managed a couple of days so far.
I suppose its not so bad to actually have a few days off. But It drives me a bit crazy. I wanna tattoo some!
The days on set have been long, and a bit tiring. IM really not sure how the crew, and producers deal with it. Its crazy, but they've been incredibly professional, and cool.
Theres not a ton I can share as far as pictures, and such. But I will say they did a killer job, and IM syked to see what others think when they see it.

Know that IM dealing in my own way, and trying for the best on my end.

IM hoping my next post will be a bit more exciting.

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Apologies, and stuff...

Well, Firstly I feel I need to start this particular post with an apology. Seems I was made an offer to come out to CA, and work on a new TV show that is being filmed this month. Now I know how a lot of tattooers are feeling bout TV shows today, but IM really thinking this is gonna be something special. And IM prepared to deal with all the fall out later when it aires (I hope).
But the apology is not for doing the show, but to all my clients at Home that have had to be rescheduled, and moved back a month.
I also need to say sorry to all the folks out in Europe, who had hopes of getting worked on the last 10 days of August. Seems that originally this show was supposed to start shooting Mid July, thru mid August. And like many things it was delayed. So I needed to cancel my time to Germany, and Austria. Terribly sorry to everyone out there, especially my friends that I was really looking forward to seeing.
But I feel most of all the biggest apology needs to be made to both Jime Litwalk, and Obie Hughes. Seems that the trip to Europe was my Idea, and I kinda talked them into it. Well now they'll be on a plane with out there 3rd Rat Pack member. And this really bothers me most.
Sorry guys.

But enough with that. Have I mentioned how freakin beautiful its been out here?!?! Truly. When I left CT it was hotter, and muggier than Hell on a bad day. Here its been wonderful.
IM also getting to do a bunch of tattooing, heres a couple of sketches I worked up for my first days work.

Really looking forward to doing more tattoos. So if yer interested, drop me a line.