Sunday, January 23, 2011

Bizarre Magazine article

While I was out in the UK this past November, Good friend Lal Hardy of New Wave Tattoo set up an interview with the folks over at Bizarre Magazine
Well I've been going crazy trying to find the issue here in the states, to no avail. But thankfully good friend Lal shipped me a copy last week.
Was very excited bout the article, as this is kind of a different mag to be featured in. And the article looked good. I'll admit I could of done without all of the silly ass Mafia Don references, and I really hated being compared with Tony Soprano. Shit I hated that show.
But all in all, no complaints.
On a side note. Were going thru some web site changes with Hope Gallery, & my personal site And I'll be using this blog, as my only blog. So I'll be posting tattoo news, and personal news along with all of my art updates (as few as those have been to date).
So See ya when I see ya

Monday, January 17, 2011


Aint got much to blog about. Besides been busy tattooing, and had only a little time to paint. And drawing has been all about clients as of late, so on that note.
These keen new stickers did just arrive at Hope. Pretty syked. They came out really nice. Check out ordering info