Friday, July 29, 2011

Bloody Bite, and other news

Hey All, well I've been working my Ass off (sort of) at Hope gallery, trying to keep up with tattooing, and painting when my schedule allows. Currently i've completed a few pieces that will be shown at Twenty Two's "Pin Ups, and Pin Stripes" Show Opening August 6th. Wish I could make it.
Which brings me to my next topic. The "Bloody Bite". I've been doing quite a few pieces in Sepia tone, to just try and get my hands in practice. I feel that theres not as much stress (not really), and the results are pleasing (some times).
Im working with Holbein Aero Flash Acrylics, on Raw bristol. And While I started this piece with the New, Badger Krome, I must admit to switching up to my Iwata Custom Micron C.

Now I do realize that while the whole "dark, and sexy" Thing doesn't go along with the Pin-up, and Pin-Stripes theme. I am trying to put together a style/body of work in this theme. So just bare with me, it'll all eventually make sense (hopefully sooner than later).

In other news, while probably more important, I may find myself out on the west coast for the month of August. More on this as I know more, and when IM actually able to talk about it.

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Bloody Luv

Well, just finished this lil piece. Now its not much, a little 11x14 sepia piece on Bristol board. Im doing these little mono tone pieces mainly too keep my skills up. As some of ya's may remember, It seems I airbrush so infrequently, that I feel every time I pick up the brush. Its like the first time again.
Well in this case, it sort of was. For this piece I was gifted a prototype Krome Renegade from one Jason Livery of Head Strong Graphics, and Badger air brush. I will admit that it took a bit of getting used to. But after a while, I was able to get the hang of this new brush.

After having used the Renegade Velocity and not being blown away. I mean if your intermediate, or starting, this is an incredible start out brush. But for one that has used an Iwata there entire career (or lack of career), it was not a great replacement. But this new Krome, really seems to have something to it. And its made in the good ole USA.

Keep an eye out for more, with these new brushes. I fully plan on starting a new piece this weekend.

Friday, July 15, 2011

Tattoo School, what an embarrassment

Last night was a bummer. As many may be aware TLC aired there "Tattoo School".
Now, IM not gonna rant here, or freak out. But I will say that IM embarrassed. Embarrassed to be a tattooist today. What a joke. I say this because it was a (so called) tattooist that went out and opened this school. And a tattooist that blatantly Lied about the work going on in this "so called" school. It was a tattooist that took the money from ignorant clients, and a tattooist, that was speaking for the cameras. She calls herself a teacher, and claims to be giving up our secrets. When All she's doing is stealing from misguided people, with no sense to realize that she, and all those she employs, are crooks, and absolute shit.
Whats to be done? My suggestion is that she be ostracized from our community. That suppliers stop dealing with her. Other artists no longer associate with her, or her employees. Convention promotors do not allow her to attend there shows.
Tattooers want to "Take Back" there industry. Well heres something within all our reach. Care about the people you associate with. And be accountable for your actions.
IM not one to say that TV is evil, and that a network should be Boycotted for its programming. Hell I've watched Ice Road Truckers, and Deadliest Catch, for crying out loud! I think it is a powerful media, and we should take advantage of it, when we can (like this school just did). But be sensible, and act with caution! Too much can be at stake.
Last Night did nothing but embarrass us, and in all honesty her, and her school.
There is simply too much that I want to say, so I will stop here, and not bore you with the rest.
For more, do yourselves a favor and check out Daves Damn Blog. .Well worth the read.

Monday, July 11, 2011

Little "She Wolf" action

Well, got er done finally. "She Wolf" started as an 11x14 sketch/drawing for some Sullen shirt ideas I was working on. I ditched the sketch, and idea, to work on others. But kept the sketch on my wall in my work space.
Eventually, after having done a few mono chromatic pieces I decided to re-work the drawing as a Biker/Tank Girl looking thing. You can almost make out the original sketch underneath.

After making the changes I light tabled the sketch on Bristol board. I really like the bristol, as it makes transferring the sketch to board super easy with the light table.
I had 1 session of a few hours on Sunday to hammer a fair chunk of the piece out, to start.

Theres no Friskit (I learned my lesson after the last piece), the hard outline/silhouette was achieved by making a paper stencil, and tacking it down with a bit of tape. The Bristol is untreated (no gesso), so pulling up the surface is a pretty big concern.

All the paint is a Holbien, Sepia tone. A touch of black was added to darken some of my tones. I tried to do as little white as possible. Relying instead, on the white of the surface. But I still needed to go in, and pull some highlights with an eraser, and brush.

"She Wolf" Acrylic, on Raw bristol. 12'x18"

Thursday, July 7, 2011


Well I finally finished this little piece, just in time (literally) for the end of the Auction for James McNish's Mom.
Had a bit of fun, and a lot of frustration with this piece. Firstly, I worked on Bristol board. A medium I usually reserve for colored pencils, and markers. But I figured, Hell I've plenty of the stuff kicking around, why not use some. Secondly, I used frisket. Another tool i've strayed away from for many, many years. For many, many reasons. The first because of its flat, oh so sharp edges. Hate sharp edges, like things to look a bit blurry. Second, its sticky. So very sticky, and with bristol, tends to pull up the surface. Not fun.
Both things I should have been aware of before I started this piece. But thats all behind my dumb ass now. Here ya go.

Stared sketch, done with Col-Erase pencils, on tracing paper.

Laid it all out on bristol board, and worked my values in with pencil. Kept the pencil a bit loose, hoping for some of the texture to show thru the end result. Didn't happen this way. I painted way too heavy, and opaque.

Blowing in some color after having brushed in some color in background, hair, and skin tones (traditional brush).

Most of the Airbrush work is done at this point, leaving me to work out the details with Colored pencils, and paint brush. On a side note. I recently picked up the Drew Struzan DVD, and it probably did more harm than good to me. I've since done a couple of pieces (this being the second), where I screwed around with a bit of his technique. While its an amazing style. I just didn't put enough time in, and cheated my way thru most of it. All showing thru the final piece.

You can see a bit of pencil, and brush work here in the close up. All PrismaColor Pencils, and Golden, Badger, and Holbien Liquid (airbrush) acrylics.

Heres the final piece, she measures 8x13". Sort of a poor scan. Made the mistake of crystal clearing her before a scan. Another dumb ass mistake.
Hope the young gal who won the auction digs her in person.