Monday, May 31, 2010

Little maiden Action

Well I've been painting just about every day this past week (astounding for the likes of me). Which is good, cause I've taken on way more than I can chew here.
But yesterday found me in Hope's studio till late in the day, working on this skate deck. Its for a tattoo convention/art show in Toronto Canada. The shows called "Highway to Hell", and has a, you guessed it, Rock-n-Roll, Heavy Metal theme. Now IM not much of an AC-DC fan, so I went with my old stand by. Lil Eddie Maiden!
I can't even tell you how many Maiden denim jackets I painted back in the day. And IM happy to announce that it don't get tired. This project, so far has been fun. I was gonna go with my standard girly pin-up stuff. But decided this would be more fun, and a bit more unique for me.
So here's where IM at so far. Keep and eye peeled for updates.

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Star Wars frustrations

Well, the past two days has been a trying time for yours truly (artistically). Let me explain. As some of you may know next Friday (June 4th) is hope galleries "Disturbance in the Force" art show. and as usual, I've got too much to do, and waited till the last minute to start my piece.
Well Yesterday, and todays appointments, flaked, and cancelled on me. Not happy, but looked at this as a sign to get my ass to painting. Which I've done. For the past 2 day. 2 solid days of painting (6-7 hours each day). Now I know this may not seem like much to most artists, but for me its a lot in a single stretch (just one of the many reasons I tattoo, and not paint for a living, lack of discipline).
Well today I drew to a close, and I tell ya what. IM not too happy so far. Granted I've a ways to go, but still,,, Well tomorrows a day of tattooing (I hope), and Saturday will have me looking on the piece with fresh eyes. So IM hoping to wrap this B#*CH up by Sunday. Wish me luck
This is just a section of where im at

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

The Bride has left the Building

Yup thats right. IM happy, and a bit sad to say that we've sold all our Bride toys out!If you remember last Thursday KidRobot and us released my "Bride" toy, and IM happy to announce (and a bit sad) that we've sold all of ours.
We had our official release on line, Thursday the 20th, and than another release Friday the 21st at this past Hell City tattoo festival. And I couldn't have been happier with the folks response to her.
I wanna thank everyone who came out to support her, and who purchased one of these lil beauts!
By the way, just because IM all sold out of her, doesn't mean ya shouldn't keep an eye peeled for some real special stuff being done with,and to her!

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Its here!

It's In, IM insanely excited, and she'll be for sale this Thursday, and Friday

The Bride release THIS Thursday and Friday!

We are almost done packing up for Hell City this weekend! We just needed one last thing which arrived today - The Bride vinyl toy! These sexy ladies will be for sale this Thursday at 11am in the Hope Gallery Shop.

And the very next day at the Hell City Tattoo Fest we will have 50 pieces available for a special Convention Only price of $75! So come to the convention this Friday from 6-8PM for the official release and signing with Joe Capobianco, no ticket is required.

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Against all odds...

Yup thats right, with a bad back, and after a hard day's tattooing (if such a thing can be said). I completed my art work for the "Tattoo Hand Book 2" (yes there is a 1, it kicks ass, and I was lucky enough to get into that one as well).
IM very excited because I was under the impression that I was late, and that the dead line was the 1st of May. Well it turns out the deadline is indeed the 31st of May, and I am Early for a change. Very excited on my part. So IM giving all you folks out there in Blog land a peak, or I should say an Unadulterated look at what I've done for said project.
Who knows, maybe I'll use this extra time to start a second piece for this project! But probably noy. Too many other projects to get started on...

By the way it was done in Acrylic (airbrush, and brush), Marker, pencil, on Mat board.