Saturday, February 28, 2009

And IM back

 OK I'll admit it, I've been less than productive when it comes to the painting, and stuff. But I'd like ta think I've had some what of an excuse. 
  Julio, and I headed down to Charolette NC to visit our friends Rodney Raines, and his Gal Lise, Barnett. We had a blast, plenty of wine good food, and friends. Not to mention I got my arm finished by Rodney. Very happy here. 
  I did manage to do a bit of work on the Medusa I thought I'd finished last week. I added some scale work to give it a bit more texture. Subtle, but effective. I will admit that the picts are for from perfect, but you get the picture. 
  SO I have started 1 of the Bunny gals, did a bit of work on her this eve
ning, but didn't really have time to break out the airbrush on it just yet. Definitely tomorrow after work. So stay tuned. Now IM gonna chill with my little dog. Missed her the last few days while I was in NC, and wanna make up for lost time there. 

 * tattoo by Rodney Raines on your truly. 

Sunday, February 22, 2009

A couple of sketches, and a cool night...

  OK so, I put this thing up on line so that I feel a little responsible and under the gun, to be a bit productive, and produce some freakin' art. 
  So, one of the many tasks on my little list of things that I need to get off my ass, and do is an image for Chris at SteadFast clothing.

     So if fate works it magic, and I can pull a rabbit outta my ass, IM hoping that all these lil ladies make it from Sketch book, to board, than eventually to my easle. But we all know how fickle that "Bitch" Fate is, so...
  On a side note, last evening (Saturday Feb. 21st.), yours truly, Julio, Rodriguez, his Lovely Wife, Denice, Pete, and Rachel. All Loaded up in the Ole Element (not an easy Feat, I might add), and Hit Paul Booth's Last Rights Gallery, for the Dan Qintana's & Stephen Kasner Art opening. A fun time, hooking up with some cool folks, good friends, and respected peers. All amongst some fine art. Very inspirational, and conversation, to get my blood pumping (if ya weren't there, well...), I might add. 
   Unfortunately, I was Unable to spend the next day painting, but did manage to knock out these few sketches. And with a little luck I'll start a bit of painting tomorrow evening (I've a full day of tattooing, and will hopefully feel like painting afterwards).
    So keep an eye peeled, besides I gotta try and keep up with Julio. Hell I started this Blog thing between the few of us, and now he's a painting up on me. What ever...
   IM off to my chicken in the oven, have a good night.  

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Man what a bitch...

 Ok, done With this one. I have to admit that the last few days have been a real bitch. Between being pretty busy at work, and than trying to come home and work on this lil lady.    I will admit that part of the problem was this piece. I must admit that it was a bit of a struggle right out of the gate. Firstly IM working on Gessoed water color paper. I so like the texture that the paper adds to the Painting, but it can be a bit of a bitch to work on. Than there was the fact that like usual, I shot from the Hip, and really had no plan. Color scheme, basic idea, for scale patterns, nothin. Stupid on my part, and did I pay for it. IM hoping the next piece goes a bit smoother.

Sunday, February 15, 2009


 OK, last few days have been busier than Hell, between work, and a handful of extracurricular activities. 
  But I've finally gotten around to putting a bit of time in on this one. It started Friday Morning, when I gessoed the surface. IM working on Water color paper, gessoed black. A bit different for me. 
 The sketch came from one of the two sketches I did for a client last week. Seemed silly to let it go ta waste. 
  On a side note to all you Hooters fans. YOUR FREAKIN CRAZY!!! After the art show friday (one of our extracurricular activities). Julio, his wife Denice, and I hit one on the way home. A couple of fellers were talking bout wings, and I think it subliminily put it in the back of our minds. And as fate would have it, there happens to be a Hooters on the way home. So looking for a good dinner, and some fine wings we set off to Hooters (trust me, I hope this is the last time you will ever here me utter the word Hooters). 
 What can I say to properly express my experience. It SUCKED. Yeah that works. 
   Lets start with the poor service. Thats enough on that.   
  Than there was the Shit beer. Tell me how do ya F*%K up a Guiness? 
  Than we come to the world famous wings. So F*%K'N NOT!  Yeah they Sucked too. 
 Than the Finisher, a crappy Burger. Yup, even the Burgers sucked. 
 So yours truly will Hopefully never step foot in a Hooters (last time) again. 
   Well thats all for now. Should knock a bit more off of this lil chick a dee, in the coming days, so stay tuned. 

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Pirate gal Done and Done.

  Ok here we are. Finally a day off put to some good use. Just finished the latest painting, and what I hope will be the second piece for my Airbrush seminar booklet (to debut at Hell City OH, this May). Managed to Document the whole piece from start to finish, and now all I gotta do is throw it all together with some text that makes sense of what IM doing. 
 Now IM off to draw my tattoos for tomorrow. 
   Heres something on a side note that I find worthy enough to write about.  So I've been posting here to keep people abreast on what IM up to (Art wise), and I also post on my myspace bulletins, to let others uninformed of this Blog, that I've posted something new. Well a couple of days I post a bulletin, and Myspace goes and disables the link to this site, siting that Its of questionable security, and Im trawling for email address's to Hack. Bummer man, just trying to keep people who dig my work up to date. 

Sunday, February 8, 2009

a day out at the NYC Comic Con

 Well what can I say Comic Con, was cool as Hell. Julio and I had a blast. Got there good and early, made our rounds down Artist alley, and got to buy some great sketch books, and art book. I also met my friend Alberto Ruiz, and was introduced to one Shane Glines. IM a huge fan So purchased a couple of his new Sketch books (get em if ya know what's good for ya).  As well as got my greedy lil mitts on a couple of original sketches, sweet.
  Got my photo taken with some wicked nasty young, and Dangerous gals, and got to say hey to my old friend Joe Linsner, of cry For Dawn fame. All in all a great day.
 Did get home and work on that Pirate gal, but didn't get nearly as much as accomplished as I wanted (she's looking pretty rough here, and IM hoping for the best). But tomorrow evening is right round the corner, and iM hoping
 ta get Hip deep in this baby then (not literally, IM a married man you know). So keep an eye peeled. 
 Well gonna crash on the couch with the lil dog, maybe check out some CSI, and unwind a bit before bed. Tomorrow morning start with a sketch  I've gotta draw for my first
 client. A cute little Ganesha, and IM kinda sweating it. Its an ambitious cover up, and there never fun.

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Busy, busy, buuuusy!

  Wow, so here I am trying to maintain a freakin Blog of current artwork ,and Damned if this hasn't been my busiest week at the shop. So here ya go the latest. 
 This is the sketch I started bout 3 days ago, and just got to put in a bit of time starting here. 
 IM gonna chill a bit tonight, enjoy a movie, and a bottle of fine wine (supplied by one of my generous clients from Jersey) Tomorrow IM off to the NY Comic Con, for some inspiration, and IM hoping to hit this again afterwards. 

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Finished Vamp Gal.

  Ok so Today was an OK day. Got canceled on this morning so no tattooin for yours truly, but Did have a meeting with the new perspective land lord for Hope (more on that in another post). 
    So where was I... Yes Go to work, take care of some bills, and what not. Than rush home to finish up my painting. Here's where it gets a bit "Not Joe" like. 
   So I get home, and get right to painting. IM painting for an hour of so, really into it. Now remember IM supposed to meet the land lord at 4:30. Well IM painting happy as a clam, and before ya know it, IM thinking wow, wouldn't it be funny if I was late for this meeting. Nah, thats not like me at all. And Whammo, I look up at the clock, and low and behold, its 4:31. Crap gotta run. Good thing this new building is only a mile up the road. Make it to the meet, and greet, seems to go well, and I head home to finish my work on the art. Only had like 45 minutes worth of work left on her, and here she is.
   Hope you enjoy.  

p.s. this is one of the images documented for my Hell City Airbrush Demo. 

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Ok Well, here I am about to post my very first Blog. This is a chore that I fought with for many weeks. But  Im hoping by trying to upkeep this blog, and post my art on a more than regular basis, it kinda lights a fire under my ass, and well, I create a bit more, &  you see more of my art. 
 So what ya have here are several images of my latest project. Up top you have my weapons of choice. A Badger Velocity, and an Iwata Micron C. 
  Bellow is my less than orderly work station. I stock a shit ton of both Holbien, and Golden airbrush acrylics. 
   The Image is one of two sketches I started for a tattoo last week. I liked em so much I've chosen to paint them, starting with this lil lady.  Keep an eye peeled for more coming soon (hopefully tomorrow evening).