Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Lickity Split

Well I've been feeling a bit down by the fact that I've not blogged in what seems a while. But today, I had no tattooing to do, so chose to paint my rather sizable Little buns off.
Actually i've been meaning to get to these pieces sooner. But I've not been able to bring myself to start em. IM a bit freaked out by the fact that I'll be sharing the walls with some pretty impressive artists, and IM not all together comfortable with it. Honored, but still uncomfortable. The Shaws being called "Girls, Girls Girls", and is hosted by Nikko Hurtado's Black Anchor Collective

That having been said, heres the First piece. Its titles "Lickity Split", measures 4 1/2x6 1/2 and is acrylics on Gessoed wood. First time working on wood for me, and not an entirely unsatisfying experience. Sorry for the insanely Crappy scan. Looks like I'll need to be photographing this one.
The other 2 pieces for this show will be a bit larger (11x14"). and IM hoping will go as smoothly.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Not a Whole hell of a lot!

Well, not had a whole lot to blog about. Been pretty standard fair at the shop. Still hammering away at a couple of different projects. All of that did kinda come screeching to a halt bout 5 days ago, when I hurt my back, Again...
But on a side note, Nichole put this lil ditty up on Ebay the other day. Kinda syked some one will get the original art from the limited shirt we did.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Super secret project

Heres a lil, Some'thin, somethin', for ya to check out. I've been working on a super secret project to be released this August/September. Just in time for Dragon Con.
Keep an eye peeled for more.

Inked Magazine.

Well IM a month behind on this. But it did happen. Check it out.

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Finally done with it

Well after a week of no posts, I've finally got one to post. I must admit that IM hesitant to do so, as the image is quite graphic (even for me). But IM pretty happy with the results.
A little background. Well a few months ago, Eric, Merrill, Julio Rodriguez, and I were asked to participate in the Monica Henk Tribute show. Monica was a very talented tattoo artist, who had her future, & life taken away by a hit and run driver. a couple of years later Monica's Brother, and ex-Husband Dan Henk decided to host a tribute show for her. All 3 of us quickly jumped on it. Me more quicker than Eric, and Julio. Seems a lot of the artists did straight up tributes, using Monica in the pieces. Where I did a painting that I felt had a bit of life, and death significants.
Alas after seeing more and more of the images online (prior to the show). I felt mine didn't quite meet the specifications of the event, nor did it have any true feeling for Monica. So I went back to the drawing board a week before the show. And decided on this piece. For those who didn't know this image is very similar to an image I tattooed on her about a year or so before her passing. So at the time I thought what better to paint than that?
Unfortunately It never occurred to me at the time that Monica's whole family would be present at the opening. And there was a pretty good chance they'd find the image a bit disturbing, and inappropriate. SO with only a several hours to go to completion, I scraped the idea.
Problem being, I was pretty happy with the way the piece was turning out. So over the last couple of days I went back to it. And here is the final product (with a little censoring). As it turns out Dan will be putting the entire show together in a book. As it turns out there were quite a few artists that didn't make the deadline. So this piece will also be included in that publication.
IM still working on the title, but have a few in mind. Its all Acrylic (Airbrush, and brush), on gessoed board. And measures approximately 7x14"
I've shown a couple of close ups. I used a lot more paint brush than in the past. IM really digging the effect I can achieve, even though IM not incredibly prolific, or comfortable at the moment. But all in good time I hope.

Saturday, June 5, 2010

The Empire, has left the Building

Well not entirely. I'd like to announce the success of out "Disturbance in the Force" show last evening. It was a fantastic time! We had some Storm Troopers, Imperial Guards, and even a Slave Leia. Tope this all off with some amazing art, and cool folks, all equals a fantastic evening.
You can view more picts here at
And a bunch of the art for sale, here
All in all a fine time.

Thursday, June 3, 2010


Yup, all done. Spent the day tattooing, and painting. More time painting than tattooing, but it all worked out in the end. Left the studio before 10pm to boot (didn't expect that).
IM calling here "Let our Droids Service You" Thanks again Eric, for the title). Shes just a bit over 8" high, and done in acrylics (airbrush, and traditional brush), on Gessoed, illustration board.
This was a whole lotta fun, and very rewarding as I now have 2 pieces for the May 4th (Friday) "Disturbance in the Force" show at Hope.
Hope ta see ya there.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Star Wars, Maiden, and beyond!

So Another day, another dollar. Well Maybe a couple of dollars. Today, I finally got some tattooing under my belt, and while doing that, I was putting the several cotes of Urathane on my "Eddie get a Little Head" skate deck for the Toronto NIX Tattoo Convention, art show. Actually somewhat early on the completion, but IM certain it'll make it just in time. As I'll need to give the Urethane ample time to set, and dry. IM pretty happy with the way it turned out, unfortunately the pics are less than fantastic. But, we all know how that is.
Than after my tattoo I guess I was feeling a bit froggy, and decided to get crackin on the sketch for the second piece I wanted to do for the star wars show. IM not certain what IM thinking here, as the show is literally only days away, and I've appointments every day up to the show. Not fun, but IM gonna giver a try.
Here's the sketch, Its Entitled "Let our Droids Service You". (Thanks for that title Eric)
p.s. check out the show on