Monday, August 31, 2009

Some old, some new

Well, IM off ta work today. My trip over seas was amazing (as I've written, stated, and shouted, about a million times), and I've had nearly a week to put my shit in order now that IM back home. So today I start tattooing at the new Hope, and I am quite excited. Hope MY client knows we've moved (really shoulda called him), otherwise todays gonna be a short day.
As for the art end, well IM posting the card to a previous post, and the sketch for the next piece, that will coincide with the show in Moenchengladbach, Germany. Still waiting for the OK from the promoter.

Monday, August 24, 2009

Monkey wrench in the works!

Well, Bummer. IM sitting in the airport here in Graz Austria, Waiting for our Second flight. Seems our Original flight had Technical difficulties, and we've been delayed 5 Freakin hours! I guess I shouldn't complain too much. With all the traveling I've done the past 3 weeks, a little delay a day before I fly home should 1/2 be expected. But I was looking forward to some down time at Andy, and Nicole's. One last evening in Germany with new friends.
But like I said no sweat, and no complaining. Andy and I are sitting at the airport, talkin shit, and discussing my return to Germany, in March.
The Styrian Convention was a blast, and ended on a great note. Like I said, a great turn out of artists, and fans alike. I took Best of day on Saturday, and got to do some real fun tattoo's all weekend. You can see em on my website.
Had a really nice relaxing late dinner at the hotel (a rarety at convention as usually everything is closed at that hour in the states), with a buch of folks, after we'd left the floor. Than up this morning to some packing, and a drive to what is now our long wait to get back to Dusseldorf.
But again, no complaining. I am very excited to get back home to see my Wife, Molly, and the feller's at the shop. Not to mention just to see the shop. As some of you may have heard, I left for Europe 2 days before the guys moved Hope. IM told that Eric has taken the reigns, and things are going very smoothly. I can't wait to see where there at, and start to get her on track with some of my other plans for the future.
Well a bit of waiting (and again, no complaining), and than a flight back to Andy's. A good meal, one last night hanging with friends out here in Germany, and than Home....

Sunday, August 23, 2009


Well Here I sit in my hotel room getting ready to start my last day at the Styrian tattoo, hot rod convention, here in Austria. What can I say the show has been fantastic, with a great line up of artist, Phenominal promoters, and an incredible crew. If you can believe it, when arriving at the show, and registering. There are show crew members, waiting there to carry all of your gear to your both. No shit, someone literally carried my luggage to my booth. Hell IM not completely lazy, and IM used to hauling my own shit. But I'll be honest, a man could get used to this.
Thursday evening before the show, the promoters Andy, & Yevon (probably spelt wrong, sorry), hosted a kick ass gala. Complete with all the trimming. Food, dancers, and gun toting thugs. No we weren't rolled for our cash, but the party had a Sin City (the Movie), theme to it. And I must admit, probably one of the best party's I've attended. Everyone was dressed to the 9's, and Like I said dancing stripper Nun's, and cars rolling in to the hall. Wow, very cool experience. Not to mention the food. This was like a "ginny" wedding from LI. No expense was spared.
As I said the convention itself has been great, staying super busy, and really enjoying the other artists company. Almost sad IM leaving for Germany Monday morning. But alas all good things...

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Sooo nice.

Well, Luxumbourgh was a blast, & My stay in Germany is almost at an end. IM having a great time with new friends here. I of course have been working my ass off tattooing and am looking forward to a day of R&R. Today we see the sights, and enjoy the day.
Tomorrow IM off to Austria, to attend the Styrian tattoo convention. Wish me luck...

Thursday, August 13, 2009


yup IM in Germany, and having a great time. I feel like IM slowly destroying my back with all the tattooing, but its been fun doing it. Gotta load of new tattoos posted on my website So needless to say, its been a great trip tattoo wise so far.
I was told before leaving the UK, not to expect much in the way of fine cuisine, and I must say that really couldn't be further from the truth. I've been doing my best to eat all the local favorites, and IM proud ta say, IM right on track. Last evening I enjoyed a Hell of a meal at a little place called Fuchscen Alt. Little fox, If I remember correctly (Pardon my German if I got that wrong, there was an awful lotta beer with the meal). We all ordered Pork Knuckle. Which is basically the lower leg of the Pig, and it was fantastic.
I was also lucky enough to meet a fantastic artist from Austria (living in germany at the moment). Tommy Lee, and his lovely wife Nancy, saw fit to grace us with there presence. We really hit it off, and all had a blast.
IM skipping a ton of stuff cause there really is just so much. IM really thankful to Andy, and his fantastic Gal, Nichole (hope I spelt that right), for the invite, and the incredible hospitality.
Now time to hit the Hay. Tomorrow is an early drive to Luxenburgh, and another convention, and seminar to hold. Wish me luck.

Monday, August 10, 2009

London, and Doncatser

hey All, well here I sit in my hotel room in Doncatser England. Waiting to head to Manchester, and my flight to Germany. I will say IM excited bout seeing Germany, but IM getting over the traveling, and the stress thats involved. But Hell who am I to complain, in in Freakin Europe!
Our trip started hooking up with Jime' Litwalk, and Obie Hughs, at Londons Heathrow Airport. A long Cab ride, took us to Lal Hardys New Wave Tattoo in the north of London (check him, and his guys out if ya find yersel in the UK, A Hell of a fella).
Hannah Atchison, was in the house, and tattooin her ass off. After some much needed Coffee, and the company of long distance friends, I was starting to relax a bit. Had a wonderfull dinner that evening at this lil Italian joint up the road from Lal's, than it was time for some much needed sleep. My limit is 42 hours without, and although 36 hours isn't quite 42, I was ready for Bed.
Wendsday, had me tattooing the little cat gals on a young ladys thigh. Only got bout half way thru, and of course, I didn't snap a picture. But IM hoping to work on her again in November, so more to come on that later.
A four hour ride on thursday saw us arrive in Doncaster. Lal made a slight detour, for Jime', Obie, and I, so that our ride wasn't all high way, and we got to see a bt of the country side. Very nice.
tattoo Jam started on Friday, afternoon, and it was non stop tattooin for yours truly. And Damn I was hurtin by the ed of the day. As usual there is less than fantastic seating available at these shows, and this show was no different. As a matter of fact, by Saturday evening my back was quite the mess. A fact IM cruelly reminded of as a sit here hunched over my computer, trying to cpe with minor back spasms.
About Doncatser, and I guess the UK, in general. Damn, these F%*#er's can drink. Saturday, evening was insane, with people stumbling, puking, and pissing in the streets. A regular New Orleans experience this was.
But as I've said, Obie, and Jime' are off ta London, and IM off to Germany, and beyond. Enoy the latest highlites, and keep an eye tuned for more.

Saturday, August 1, 2009


Well, What can I say? I've been less than on top of things when it comes to my painting. As a matter of fact, I've not touched anything but a pencil, and pen in like,,, weeks, perhaps months. The last painting done by me was the Gal riding the ink Bottle for Andy inn Germany. Bummer, I know. I so wanna get back to painting, but again inspiration has been playing tricks on yours truly, and between tattooing, Getting ready for this European trip (I leave monday the 3rd), and Stress over the new shop (which should be open bout a week after I leave). The last thing I've wanted to do is paint. Thats not to say that I've not been busy doing some art. Nope, I've been hammering away in my sketch book, so what I've decided to stay on top of this here Blog, IM gonna post a couple of them there sketches, just to feel a little productive in the real world.
So here ya go, this should be the first piece I do when I hit the UK, I'll be at Lal Hardys New Wave tattoo for a couple of days before I hit The Tattoo Jam.
Still gonna make a couple of adjustments (such as the claw like hand, and what not). But ya get the Jist