Monday, February 22, 2010

Couple a thangs

Well, IM trying ta get my ass in gear hear, now that IM back home. That being said, how do I spend my first 2 solid days off? Doing next ta nothing! Yup thats right, Nothing. I'll admit to not being proud of this fact, but other things seemed to have taken precedent over being creative. Worst is I know that there's no excuse for being lazy, and trust me I so wanna get back to my easel, but IM having nothing but problems getting my big ass in the creative, motivated mode. Any ideas, or suggestions would be welcome.
But I did a little sketch for a feller. He's still not seen it, and IM hoping he'll dig her, Time will tell.

IM also posting up a couple of older sketches that I just posted up on my website Bunch more on there, and the last of the 11x14 sketch book sketches. Enjoy, and wish me luck in the "not being lazy, trying to be creative, and motivated realm". In the meantime, shop chores, and errands ta run, and a full days worth of tattooing to do...

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Friends Like these...

Like I said, I do enjoy my time spent with friends. But man, it can be a chore...

All that said, still wouldn't trade em for all the world...

Friday, February 19, 2010

Back from TX

Hey all, whelp, IM back from DFW, and just wanna say I had one Hell of a Time. Got to spend some quality time, with good friends.
Also got to do a bit of tattooing. Here's a little sketching I did the day of. Went with the 3/4 angle, sorry no photo of the tattoo to go along with. Crappy picts.
By the way, A client of mine from CT, picked up a bottle of Kraken Rum for me, and I must say, its hand down my favorite new beverage. Wonderful straight up, and I can only imagine equally fantastic any other way! Check em out at too good!

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Thick, or Thin?

For some its a tough choice. I did these sketches for a client today. And my first sketch was a gal a bit on the thicker side. I really dug it. But being unsure bout him, I drew a second.
Of course he dug both, and was really torn, so torn that he had to flip a coin to decide. As it turns out the thiner gal won the coin toss, but he decided last minute to go with the piece I dug more.
All in all, a lot of fun.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

A lil Somethin, somethin...

Worked up this Sketch for an upcoming event were throwing together with Friend Obie Hughes of CA, & TX. Its a 3 day bender, I mean get together at his TX SpeakEasy.
If ya didn't know Obie's got these kick ass private studios in both Ontario CA, and Fort Worth TX. So a couple of us have decided to get together at his TX shop for a few days, of tattooing, Seminars, and good ole fashioned hanging out.
There will be more on this at but in the meanwhile I thought I'd post the images I'd worked up for the event. Jime' Litwalk, will be working up a color version of the art. More on that when its done.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Home again, & missing friends.

Well, IM home from my trip out west, and as much as IM happy to be home. I must admit to being a bit bummed, to have left all my friends out west.
As some of ya's may know I did guest spots in both, Ontario CA, and Las Vegas NV. I also held seminars at both locations, and that was great as well.
But my point here, right now is how much I wish all the folks I know lived a bit closer. I can't tell ya home much I hate only seeing these people every now and again. And how much of a pain in the ass it is getting there, and back.
There's also the hassles of trying to see all the people ya want on these trips. I know I fell horribly shy of all the people I wanted to see, and apologize to anyone I missed (it is a long list).
I wanna definitely thank, Johnny, and his lovely wife for Putting Jime' And I up at there place while we were in CA. They have a killer pad! And Pat Litwalk. A better host, you wont find. I've been crashing at there place as long as I've known em.
But I do suppose that IM lucky as Fuck, considering at least I do get to get out there, and see these folks, Meet new people, and pay for the trips by tattooing on the road.
That having been said, just wanna say thanks to everyone out there on this trip, who stopped by the shops to say hey, Get tattooed, take the seminars, and all that jazz. And a special thanks to Obie Huges, and Jime' Litwalk. 2 Finer friends one could not ask for. See ya's soon.