Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Been to long

It seems that every time, I find time to Post here, the first thing I think is finally! I started this blog to put out the art IM doing, outside of tattooing. Well it seems as of late all IM doing is tattooing, leaving very little time to create art off of the skin. Mind you not a bad thing, as I do make a living as a tattooist, and if I had to rely on my art to put food on the table, well lets just say I'd probably not have a weight problem.
But needless to say, I finally managed to put a bit of time in front of the easel, and get this lil baby down. I've always had a thing for the image of a gal and an octopus, perhaps it goes back to the first time I heard the Japanese fable. Regardless this is an idea that I've been kicking around for sometime. And its an image I plan on revisiting soon, as this only scratched the surface.
She'll debut at Hope Galleries "Holiday Hangings" Saturday December 4th.