Wednesday, March 30, 2011

A bit of snow, and travel

Well IM packed, and ready to travel to Europe. But first IM gonna take a moment to post a picture that was tattooed last week (finished tattooed, 2nd session). Its on a young Lady from the Cape, and she requested a snow flake gal. Heres the sketches I came up with for the piece.
I kinda went with a bit of a traditional lay out for the sketch that we eventually went with. But had a blast with the second sketch as well. She'll probably make it into a new project that Jime Litwalk, and I are in the process of working on.

The Final version was tattooed on the side of her calf, and she eventually plans on sleeving her lower leg. She's thinking a Fall Theme for the next one, but she's still up in the air.
Now IM off to Europe to check out the Ink Fest in Copenhagen. Than Jime Litwalk and I will be headed to Germany to Visit Friend Andy Schmidt And His Tattoo Ink Explosion Looking forward to seeing all my good friends, and make some new ones. Plus check out some of the incredible artists out there.

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Robs Arm

Well I tattooed mr. Rob again last week, to fill the rest of his arm. He's one of those clients that has been coming in for a few years, and getting tattooed from Eric, Julio, and I. Super nice guy, and a great client all around.
Well unfortunately he's also one of those clients that I cant seem to get a good photo of until after he's all healed up. Not a bad thing, as its better to have healed photos than fresh.
Well heres a couple of shots that I did on him, healed bout 6 months or more.

We've one more session to finish left to finish the sleeve. Pretty syked to finish er up. Than he'll be able to move on to his next project with Eric.

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Fun Sunday

Well I finally went and did it! Got to spend a Sunday at Hope doing something besides tattooing. Yup went into the shop this morning after dropping my gal off at the train station, and painted. So excited to finally have a bit of free time to do so.
I got to start and finish a little piece for the Tara Mcpherson "Tiny Trifecta Show" Marking the Grand Opening of her store "The Cotton Candy Machine" April 9th There are a bunch of Killer artists and like the INLE show, IM honored to be a Small (literally) part of this show.
Heres the sketches I started working up for it while I was out in California last week
Its a pretty small piece measuring about 5"x7" And is painted with Acrylics on Gessoed watercolor paper. Here's a couple of in progress picts.
I Think IM sticking with the Title "Candy Heart", But that may change. Its difficult to see here, but the Heart at the bottom is painted with a Magenta Candy. So it has a nice sparkle to it.
Wish I was gonna be around for the opening evening. But IM off to Copenhagen next week. And will be in Germany the weekend of the show. Guess I'll have to catch it when I get home.

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Good Day

Well today I was surprised by the arrival of 2 new Rotary Tattoo Machines that I ordered a week ago. And I must say I was pretty damn impressed. The Bishop Machines from Franco Vescovi is a well designed, and smooth running piece of equipment.
IM also looking forward to some future plans with Franco, and his Bishop. So stay tuned.
Also today, Rob, one of my good clients stopped by the shop to show me how his Pirate gal healed up. I was pretty syked to be able to get some healed shots of her.

On a technical note. She was Lined and Shaded with my Neo-Tat machines. And all Easy Glow Tattoo pigments. She's been healed bout 5 weeks here.

Friday, March 18, 2011

A few days to Relax

Wow, been a hectic few weeks, with a bunch of folks visiting us from out of town, and some traveling of my own.
That along with an already hectic tattooing schedule, has left little time for any real painting. But IM hoping to put a few hours in the end of this weekend.
But heres a couple of fun pieces I did over the last couple of days.
First is on Good friend Rodney Raines. He paid Alethea and I a surprise visit this past week, and asked if I'd tattoo his hand, as a birth day gift, to himself. It was both an honor, and absolute horror. As I've nothing but the utmost respect, and admiration for Rodney as an Artist, and person. I've been a fan of this feller since I first met him some 13 years ago, when I sleeved him. I've watched him grow as an artist, and person. Im truly honored to call him a good friend, and to have tattooed him again this past week.
But enough Sappy shit. Heres what we did.

Unfortunately, our time with Rodney was sort of a hit, and run. And due to the short notice, I was unable to do to much re-scheduling. So unfortunately I had to work on the day he left. But Did have a fun time with this little piece. Filling in a spot left on a sleeve that Eric's worked on over the past year or so.
I've about a week or so before We expect more guests, and than IM off to Europe for 10 days. In that Time IM to do a bit of painting for an upcoming show in Brooklyn. But more on that later.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

There, and Back....

Well, IM back from my quick little jaunt to California. As some may know, I went out to LA to attend the INLE show at Gallery 1988 and I must say it was a blast. From the art hanging on the walls, to all the great folks in attendance. This show was one of the best I've ever been to.

There are even more photo's of the event at Greg's Blog. Such a great time, full of great folks, and Amazing inspiring art.
But that was far from the end of my experience out west. As a matter of fact IM proud to say that this was my first trip there, where I left my gear at home, and just visited a few folks.
My main stop was visiting Obie Hughes, his Gal Amy, and his SpeakEasy tattoo in Ontario CA. There I hung out while Obie, and Worm worked there ass's off, and I just cracked one em. Quite fun, if you were me. Nothing like a bit of Ball busting to set the proper mood of the trip.

But IM not done. My trip was ended by a trip back into LA, and a meal at Rosco's Chicken, & Waffles. If you've never had, and find the idea of chicken, and waffles strange. Trust me, its not, and its delicious. A must dining experience.

All in all, the trip was a success, and a blast. And as usual, tiring. I can say that that IM more than happy to be home, and not looking forward to heading out again. But as usual thats right around the corner.

Thursday, March 10, 2011

INLE, this Friday.

Well all, IM leaving for CA on Friday Morning to attend the opening evening of the INLE show, at Gallery 1988.

Very excited for this show as there is a killer line up, and I must admit to being a little blown away, and inspired to being asked to take part. My Contribution is the "Madonna Falsa"
I can only hope, she holds a candle next to all the other killer art that will be hanging.
See ya in CA...

Monday, March 7, 2011

No Pictures, just pissed!

Wow, I've just been informed by quite a few folks out there in Internet land (thank you all for looking out), that there's a shit shop down in FL, that goes by the name Pirates Cove tattoo. That they were using my artwork on there website, as well as having a bio of me on there.
Normally I may not be so upset (if I was asked, or perhaps there was some contact info to me), but upon calling the shop, I spoke with some rude prick, who was imediatelly pissy on the phone, and said that they would remove said art.
Well to there credit they did just that, but proceeded to replace the link with the name "Joe Schmo". Honestly I'd usually not be too pissed, thats cool wanna be dicks, knock yerself out. But guess what. You still have my art on your site (in there "Custom" section), and I want it removed. Said artwork is a Pirate Gal Painted for one Rodney Raines in NC.
So IM asking anyone out there who knows me, and feels like defending me, and all those other artists out there, getting ripped off by hacks on a daily basis to drop these folks a line, and give em a piece of yer minds.

Thanks for your time



SInce the writing of this post, the shop in question has removed all pictures of mine, as well as the bio. An apology has been posted on there site as well.
"The Point" When asked about the pictures, and bio on the site (Via a phone call), there artist (or whoever) acted offended, and nasty. Had he just been polite, and reasonable, explained why they did it. Trust me, I would never have flown off the handle.
For future reference folks. Wanna throw props to someone, Include there Links. Otherwise it just looks as if your fishing for traffic.

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Booty, Hat

Heres a lil somethin, somethin, I did weeks ago as a bit of fun, and experiment.

Its based (or straight up taken) from a clients sketch that I'd done for his tattoo. Turns out I've been real happy with everything i've drawn for him, and real happy bout the tattoos in general. So i decided to work work up a little practice painting. I say practice painting, mainly because thats what it is. Its just a little Transparent shading grey (Golden Liquid Acrylic), mixed with a bit of (Holbien) Burnt Siena. And just free handed with my Iwata Custom Micron. Its like 11x14" on bristol board. Like I said nothin fancy, just a little something to keep the hands in working order.
Here's the tattoo it was before it made it to Paper

Sorry for the shite cell phone pic. Gonna get sweet healed shots next time I see him.

Friday, March 4, 2011

Wow, Time slip

Well it seems like its been quite sometime. But i've finally managed to sit down, get this piece up online completed.
In my defence, its been a crazy couple of weeks, with more to follow.
Last week I had friends Obie Hughes, and his Gal Amy Mullins in town to celebrate Obie's 40th. We had a blast. The day they left I managed to finish this.

She's titled "Hollywood Babylon" Ater the Misfits tune, and for the Misfits Tribute show At Hope Gallery "We Are 138"
She's 7"x7" and is acrylic on gessoed board.
Still have plenty to do, but again, have friend Jime Litwalk in town, and than IM off to CA for the INLE show next week.