Wednesday, March 30, 2011

A bit of snow, and travel

Well IM packed, and ready to travel to Europe. But first IM gonna take a moment to post a picture that was tattooed last week (finished tattooed, 2nd session). Its on a young Lady from the Cape, and she requested a snow flake gal. Heres the sketches I came up with for the piece.
I kinda went with a bit of a traditional lay out for the sketch that we eventually went with. But had a blast with the second sketch as well. She'll probably make it into a new project that Jime Litwalk, and I are in the process of working on.

The Final version was tattooed on the side of her calf, and she eventually plans on sleeving her lower leg. She's thinking a Fall Theme for the next one, but she's still up in the air.
Now IM off to Europe to check out the Ink Fest in Copenhagen. Than Jime Litwalk and I will be headed to Germany to Visit Friend Andy Schmidt And His Tattoo Ink Explosion Looking forward to seeing all my good friends, and make some new ones. Plus check out some of the incredible artists out there.

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