Sunday, March 20, 2011

Fun Sunday

Well I finally went and did it! Got to spend a Sunday at Hope doing something besides tattooing. Yup went into the shop this morning after dropping my gal off at the train station, and painted. So excited to finally have a bit of free time to do so.
I got to start and finish a little piece for the Tara Mcpherson "Tiny Trifecta Show" Marking the Grand Opening of her store "The Cotton Candy Machine" April 9th There are a bunch of Killer artists and like the INLE show, IM honored to be a Small (literally) part of this show.
Heres the sketches I started working up for it while I was out in California last week
Its a pretty small piece measuring about 5"x7" And is painted with Acrylics on Gessoed watercolor paper. Here's a couple of in progress picts.
I Think IM sticking with the Title "Candy Heart", But that may change. Its difficult to see here, but the Heart at the bottom is painted with a Magenta Candy. So it has a nice sparkle to it.
Wish I was gonna be around for the opening evening. But IM off to Copenhagen next week. And will be in Germany the weekend of the show. Guess I'll have to catch it when I get home.

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