Friday, March 18, 2011

A few days to Relax

Wow, been a hectic few weeks, with a bunch of folks visiting us from out of town, and some traveling of my own.
That along with an already hectic tattooing schedule, has left little time for any real painting. But IM hoping to put a few hours in the end of this weekend.
But heres a couple of fun pieces I did over the last couple of days.
First is on Good friend Rodney Raines. He paid Alethea and I a surprise visit this past week, and asked if I'd tattoo his hand, as a birth day gift, to himself. It was both an honor, and absolute horror. As I've nothing but the utmost respect, and admiration for Rodney as an Artist, and person. I've been a fan of this feller since I first met him some 13 years ago, when I sleeved him. I've watched him grow as an artist, and person. Im truly honored to call him a good friend, and to have tattooed him again this past week.
But enough Sappy shit. Heres what we did.

Unfortunately, our time with Rodney was sort of a hit, and run. And due to the short notice, I was unable to do to much re-scheduling. So unfortunately I had to work on the day he left. But Did have a fun time with this little piece. Filling in a spot left on a sleeve that Eric's worked on over the past year or so.
I've about a week or so before We expect more guests, and than IM off to Europe for 10 days. In that Time IM to do a bit of painting for an upcoming show in Brooklyn. But more on that later.

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