Saturday, April 30, 2011

Yes, a new pair of shoes...

I say that with a bit of loathing mainly because up until my very brief stint on Miami Ink, I really enjoyed painting Vans. The reason I say this, is because when I was asked to do Miami Ink, it was mainly for tattooing. But the Producers desperate to find something cool to do with me, away from Tattooing, asked if id be interested in painting a pair of Vans (oh I mean Sneakers, Can't say Vans, as they did not pay to use the products name) on camera. I did, and it was fun. But when the episode aired, all I got was. "Man I really loved those shoes you painted for Darin". Or "Your that guy, that painted those cool shoes".
Now I don't wish to belittle anyones opinion of my painting skills. But the last thing I wanted to be remembered for, was a pair of Vans I spent 2 hours painting on a TV show about, tattooing. That being said. I eventually did a few more pair after the show. And they were very well received. But after countless emails, and a lot of pissed off folks. I stopped painting any more apparel. Fact is IM a tattooer, and that is how I make my living. I really don't see myself being able to pay the bills painting shoes. Not to mention the fact that I got my start as a paying artist, in a Mall on LI, as an airbrush artist. Painting all sorts of stuff for folks. And to me, its way to much like taking a step backward in my career. So I do try to avoid it.
Why this long ass, tiring, and a bit pretentious tirade? Well my Good friend Obie Hughes is hosting an "Off the Wall" Painted Vans art show Tomorrow Sunday May 1st, at his shop "SpeakEast Tattoo" in Ontario CA. Heres my Little contribution.

Ok Thats all for now. If ya find yerself out in Ontario CA, stop on by. IM certain the show is gonna be killer. Wish I could attend myself.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Lil, Horror Tatt action

Well, Ralph was in a day ago, and we finally finished the back of his thigh/knee. He's way into the horror movie scene, and Julio did some crazy stuff on his calf. I got the upper leg (thigh). The top has a portrait of Jason, Michael Myers, and Chainsaw Massacre. Not really my thing, but I can pull one outta my ass from time to time.
For the back of his thigh, he wanted to go with a Horror ride theme (ala House of a 1000 corpses), with zombies, and shit. So heres my take on that.

Ton of fun. Next we make our way back up to his ribs to continue his torso, and Spawn piece.
Till next time.

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Kool Lifestyle: Joe Capobianco tattooing The Pixeleye [HD]

Another cool video shot by Mr Dirk "Pixeley" Behlau. Shot Last year At Andys, Body Electric. While Guesting there 11/10.
Yes it is a black and grey Space gal. And no still no god shots. of her. I was supposed to snag some picts of his leg at last weeks Tattoo Ink Explosion. But we were both pretty swamped, and of course, no pictures were taken. Maybe one day. I can say she healed up slammin'. But it would be nice to have the shots so that folks may start to consider me for there black and grey work. Not that IM bitchin' about only doing color. Hell like I always say, there are worse things?

Thursday, April 14, 2011

IM so Back Baby!

Well after 12 days on the road in Both Copenhagen, and Germany. I've finally arrived home, to a full work schedule with no time for relaxation (hence the late Blog post here).
Both shows were fantastic, really had a blast, and met some great new folks. As with most shows, and travels over the last several years Jime Litwalk and I went together, for both shows, and guest spot. A better traveling companion one could not ask for. When he remembers his pass port. But I'll leave that for him to explain. Suffice to say, we had a great time.
Got to do some fun tattoos. Wasn't breaking any bounds here, just having fun, and keeping the people happy.
Also got to do a little video with Dirk Behlau of Pixeleye and a new book project he's working on with tattoo portraits. Looking good so far. Pretty excited bout seeing the actual book hit the stands.

But now IM home, and apart from being a bit exhausted, some home drama, and an intense work load. I am looking forward to spending a bit of time in my paint studio, catching up on art, and other projects I've got kicking round in my head. So keep an eye peeled.

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Germany, and the Ink Explosion!

Well IM in Germany now, did my first tattoo here at Andy's Body Electric, and had a blast doing it. He was looking for a 80's rocker style Gal. Lotta fun.
Were also prepping for the Tattoo Ink Explosion

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I'll be tattooing all weekend, and looking forward to seeing a bunch of folks from last year. and a few from just last weekend.
I also wanna thank Jeanette from Twilight Tattoo for sending a few picts of her tattoo, and us. Thanks again.

Thanks again, and hope ta see yas in Germany.

Monday, April 4, 2011

Copenhagen. Fantastic

Wow, The Copenhagen Tattoo Ink Fest, was a blast. We all had a fantastic time. Hung out with some old friends, and met a bunch of new ones. First tattoo outta the gate was a fun skull tattoo, on a great gal.
Followed by some other fun pieces, on cool folks.

Than came the after party. Tell ya what some gorgeous gals were killing it on the dance floor, and we were all having one Hell of a time.

So all in all, even though our European trip started off rocky, with Jime missing his flight with me to Copenhagen. It all turned out to be fantastic. Now a short day of relaxing, seeing some sights, and than off to Germany, and a guest spot at Andy's Tattoo Body Electric.