Saturday, April 30, 2011

Yes, a new pair of shoes...

I say that with a bit of loathing mainly because up until my very brief stint on Miami Ink, I really enjoyed painting Vans. The reason I say this, is because when I was asked to do Miami Ink, it was mainly for tattooing. But the Producers desperate to find something cool to do with me, away from Tattooing, asked if id be interested in painting a pair of Vans (oh I mean Sneakers, Can't say Vans, as they did not pay to use the products name) on camera. I did, and it was fun. But when the episode aired, all I got was. "Man I really loved those shoes you painted for Darin". Or "Your that guy, that painted those cool shoes".
Now I don't wish to belittle anyones opinion of my painting skills. But the last thing I wanted to be remembered for, was a pair of Vans I spent 2 hours painting on a TV show about, tattooing. That being said. I eventually did a few more pair after the show. And they were very well received. But after countless emails, and a lot of pissed off folks. I stopped painting any more apparel. Fact is IM a tattooer, and that is how I make my living. I really don't see myself being able to pay the bills painting shoes. Not to mention the fact that I got my start as a paying artist, in a Mall on LI, as an airbrush artist. Painting all sorts of stuff for folks. And to me, its way to much like taking a step backward in my career. So I do try to avoid it.
Why this long ass, tiring, and a bit pretentious tirade? Well my Good friend Obie Hughes is hosting an "Off the Wall" Painted Vans art show Tomorrow Sunday May 1st, at his shop "SpeakEast Tattoo" in Ontario CA. Heres my Little contribution.

Ok Thats all for now. If ya find yerself out in Ontario CA, stop on by. IM certain the show is gonna be killer. Wish I could attend myself.

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