Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Lil, Horror Tatt action

Well, Ralph was in a day ago, and we finally finished the back of his thigh/knee. He's way into the horror movie scene, and Julio did some crazy stuff on his calf. I got the upper leg (thigh). The top has a portrait of Jason, Michael Myers, and Chainsaw Massacre. Not really my thing, but I can pull one outta my ass from time to time.
For the back of his thigh, he wanted to go with a Horror ride theme (ala House of a 1000 corpses), with zombies, and shit. So heres my take on that.

Ton of fun. Next we make our way back up to his ribs to continue his torso, and Spawn piece.
Till next time.


  1. Hey Joe hows it going? Looong time fan ...Im wondering how is the best way to contact you to get some work from you bruh? How's your waiting list? You touring anywhere near Virginia Beach in the near future? Let me know whats good and once again I really dig your work!

  2. Hey Brandon, I book in 3 month increments, and at the moment am booking into July. Just give the shop a call, and keep that in mind when making the appointment.
    As for travels, Nothing planned for the states at the moment. All my adventures are taking place over seas at the moment. Sorry


  3. Hey it's all good bruh! I understand for sure. Well Im putting cash aside now to holla at you and hopefully be able to set something up with you later in the year! Take care and thanks for the answer back Joe!