Sunday, February 20, 2011

Off and Running

Well after a rather disappointing start to my afternoon, when my client for the day pulled a no show. I was left with the afternoon ahead of me. So I took advantage of the down time, and started my Misfits painting.
Actually I did start this about 3 weeks ago, just before I headed to Brazil. But with everything going on, and work, and oh yeah, nearly screwing the piece up. I figure today was a restart/do over.

All in all, worked out fairly well. Should have gotten further, but no sense pushing it...

Pew, Sketches...

Well with the "INLE" show painting finished, and awaiting shipping tomorrow, I find my self with a Sunday before me, and a 1/2 day of tattooing ahead of me. I say half day, mainly because, unlike everyone else at Hope, I work Sundays. Its something i've always done, from when I first started tattooing 18 years ago. Besides IM just about the only one in the shop who doesn't have children to spend there weekends with. So, I work, usually.
But that doesn't mean I let it go to complete waste. I mean I still have Alethea, and Molly to spend time with. This means I usually only book a single appointment, and IM wrapping up tattooing by 3-5pm. Which (depending on how I feel upon completing the tattoo) means I'll usually have a bit of time to paint. Today IM hoping to do a bit of just that. I've stated sketches for some upcoming projects.
First it the Misfits art show were hosting at Hope in June.

Each artist gets to do there rendition of a Misfits song. I've been blessed with "Hollywood Babylon". I'll admit to being a bit stumped about an idea. But than this kinda just leaped outta my head. A bit dirty, yes, but to the point I think...
Theres over 138 pieces of art to be hung, and as a theme, and to make it a bit easier to hang all of the art. We've decided to make all of the art 7"x7". Kind of like a 7 inch art show. Should be a blast. But Like I said, still need to get this one done. Wish me luck

Friday, February 18, 2011

"Madonna Falsa"

Well She's done the "Madonna Falsa" Is complete. Today i finally finished my contribution to the INLE show at Gallery 1988

Really excited bout this show as there is one Hell of a line up. So not only was it an honor to be asked, but a ton of pressure to do a nice piece. I can only hope it compares to the other art for the show.
She's titled The "Madonna Falsa", and yes that is my gal Molly. She's a 12 year old French Bulldog, and she'd love to play with some rabbits.

Actually I've been wanting to do another painting of her, since the first 1 I did of her 8 years ago. Its All Acrylics on Gessoed Board. I picked outta real keen oval, concave glass frame. Looks sweet all done, cant wait to see her on the wall.

Look for me at the show also. Looks like I'll be there in person to check it all out, opening night

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Blown, off, and stared painting

Well, today was a freakin bummer. Started out pretty cool. Woke up, made a pot of coffee, and did my sketch for my tattoo appointment. Kind of a fun piece, little zombie gal action.

And what should happen upon getting to work, and setting up? I get stood up. Man, I hate when people do that. I mean Hell, just call me, cancel in advance! Is it really that hard? Nothing bothers me more.
Well, there I sit, nothing to tattoo. So I decide to head into the studio, and hit the easle. As some may know, IM taking part in the INLE show out in CA.

This is a group show being curated by Greg "Craola" Simkins So IM just one of several artists taking part, a real honor.
So today I started my Painting, heres the sketch, and start. Still working on the Title, but looking forward to not screwing this one up. Keep an eye peeled for more.

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Brazil, and "The Betty"

Well IM back from Brazil, and I'd love to say it was amazing, and that we took care of business. But IM not sure I can. It was crazy, running from 1 location to another. Doing a tattoo seminar for about 52 individuals, and a ton of talking over business (inks, machines, books). And of course the Heat, lets not forget that. Hell a fat guy in the of south american heat is about as keen as a fat guy sitting on a 10 hour flight in coach (oh yeah, there was that to)!
But honestly, Jime Litwalk and I made the trip to visit some friends, meet new folks, and discuss a bunch of future endeavors. Also to discuss the future of current endeavors. Which we did, sort of. You see nothing really happens fast in Brazil (at least not for us), and we definitely got the full treatment.
But like I said, some things did get taken care of, like our seminar. Jime, and I did a 4 hour work shop on our drawing technique, and tattooing styles. Inks, pencils, paper, the whole thing. And believe it or not, considering 98% of the folks in the room spoke no real english, this went off great. Now its not because Jime, and I are so good at speaking to folks, but because the promotor hired a full on translator. Yup 2 guys sitting behind glass, translating everything we said to all the folks in the room, thru head sets. Very U.N. professional.
Than there was the show. We got to do some way cool tattooing.But that really (i think) was over shadowed by the photo taking. Yup, I felt like a movie star on the red carpet, on opening night, and I can tell ya. I wasn't even a bit comfortable with it. We must of posed for like a 1000 photos with folks down there (and I aint exaggerating). It seems that every time we took a second, we had a guy or a gal, under 1 or both arms, and a camera in our faces. Can't say I was real cool with it, but when in Rome.
Than after the show came the business, and relaxing part of our trip. Yeah IM not sure Jime, or I really get the relaxing part in Brazil. Very nice people in a very rural setting. Little to no Air Conditioning, and not the most comfortable beds. But I aint complaining, like I said, we were made to feel at home, and like 1 of the family. But wow, its a tough family to be part of. And lets not forget the heat. I sure as Hell wont.
But I can go on, and on. And I wont. Needless to say things were accomplished (I hope), and great folks, and new friends were met. And IM certain from the Brazilian stand point, Jime, and I are just 2 americans who just don't get it.
There are many more picts from this trip, and IM only gonna post a couple here. But when I get em all, i'll post em somewhere for your viewing pleasure.

p.s. She Called "The Betty"