Sunday, February 20, 2011

Pew, Sketches...

Well with the "INLE" show painting finished, and awaiting shipping tomorrow, I find my self with a Sunday before me, and a 1/2 day of tattooing ahead of me. I say half day, mainly because, unlike everyone else at Hope, I work Sundays. Its something i've always done, from when I first started tattooing 18 years ago. Besides IM just about the only one in the shop who doesn't have children to spend there weekends with. So, I work, usually.
But that doesn't mean I let it go to complete waste. I mean I still have Alethea, and Molly to spend time with. This means I usually only book a single appointment, and IM wrapping up tattooing by 3-5pm. Which (depending on how I feel upon completing the tattoo) means I'll usually have a bit of time to paint. Today IM hoping to do a bit of just that. I've stated sketches for some upcoming projects.
First it the Misfits art show were hosting at Hope in June.

Each artist gets to do there rendition of a Misfits song. I've been blessed with "Hollywood Babylon". I'll admit to being a bit stumped about an idea. But than this kinda just leaped outta my head. A bit dirty, yes, but to the point I think...
Theres over 138 pieces of art to be hung, and as a theme, and to make it a bit easier to hang all of the art. We've decided to make all of the art 7"x7". Kind of like a 7 inch art show. Should be a blast. But Like I said, still need to get this one done. Wish me luck

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