Thursday, October 15, 2009

Taste Just Like Monkey Brains, and than some...

Hey All well, back to my Easel, and painting away. Just finished this later piece. For the record this painting (red pudding') was started back in like June, or July, for an art show in NYC. But unfortunately I was unable to finish her. But here she is now, months too late, but looking pretty sweet (I think).

Second up started as a tattoo for a client wanting a zombie gal chowing down on a corpse. I came up with this. Unfortunately he's going into the medical profession, and can't show the severed head (whats wrong with the world today, like a little severed head should change ones opinion of someone). So we removed it.

But I really dug the drawing, so I tightened her up a bit, and Walla. Also having a bit of fun with the image of myself for this on. Been a real long time since I painted or drew myself.

Stay tuned ...

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Knock yerself' the F%#K out!!!

OK, well I can't say I've been busy, busy, busy... But, I've been freakin' busy.
Today I took a ride down to Pulse, and checked out my newest book, All 8,000 of em! Yup this 122 page piece of wonderful coolness is mine, and Brett Bryan's (of Pulse, and Presto Fame) Newest Book Project. Featuring work from several of my sketch books. And lovingly put together for your viewing pleasure.
She'll not be ready to ship till early next week (mores the Pity). But were working on a bit of a plan to make your wait worth it.
what Brett, Jessica (of Presto), and I have decide to do is this. If you order the book on my site between 10/13-10/18 You'll get a personalized, signed copy of the book. As well as be entered into a drawing where we'll be giving away a signed set of What's not ta like (1st edition), and 1st edition hard cover copy of my first sketch book. Enjoy

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Some Blood Pudn' for ya!

Ok Did a wee bit of Painting the last day, and a half. And by "wee bit", I mean Wee. This lil' lady was done For the 5x7 show going on out in CA. IM one of 57 artists, and yes the artwork measures 5"x7".
She's acrylic on arches paper. This scrap of paper (like I said 5"x7") was kicking round the studio, and I was trying to find a piece of board, that wouldn't be a pain in the ass to cut (the board I use is two ply, so therefore thick, and a bitch to cut). When I stumbled on this piece (from a former project), and walla, Out come "My Lil' Blood Pudn".
By the way if you already didn't know "Blood Pudn" is a phrase I've coined for myself. It basically refers to the darker, more "Horror" style pinups I've been doing. Kinda the way "Cheesecake", refers to Girlie pin up art.
Also Keep an eye out for a lil' project that Jime' Litwalk, and I got cooking up (Literally). Coming this Spring (hopefully).