Sunday, October 30, 2011

3 in the same

Well, its the day after our Hope Gallery Halloween Party, and I wasn't nearly as hung over as you'd have thought. As a matter of fact I was up at 8 am (my normal waking time) this morning. Drinking coffee, and preparing for work. But there was no Tattooing today. So I spent my day today at Hope, Tattooing.
Had a really good time to boot. I managed to finish this piece. IM still unsure as to the title. IM going with "3, in the Same" for the moment.

I initially did the sketch for this piece for 2011 NIX "Death" art show. But wasn't feeling up to doing it back than. So I finally got around to doing her last week. Took about 3-4 sessions. IM not sure about the time.
She's about 9x17" (again, not certain of the size either). All Acrylics, on gessoed, illustration board.

Saturday, October 29, 2011

New Stuff, winter weather

Well, its been a while. And while its not like i've not been busy, or productive. I've just found myself with little time to update here. Which is a bummer, as theres quite a lot of cool stuff on the horizon.
But i'll post here with a handful of new pieces, as well as an older, healed piece.
Heres a Virgin mother I'd done a few weeks ago on the side of a fellers neck. Have I told you how much a I Hate tattooing necks?!?!

I also got to do a Zombie Hooker (his words) on a hand. Dug ths a lot as its the proper season, only days away from Halloween. & I've not tattooed a hand in a couple of months. So this was a well timed tattoo.

And Finally a healed picture of Ralph's "Angela" Rib panel. Did this about 4 years ago. Healed really well. She's gonna be accompanied by a Spawn rib panel, opposite her. Started, but far from completed.

And now you'll have to excuse me as I prepare for work, a Halloween Costume party. And what there saying will be an unheard of Winter storm, bringing 2-6 inches of snow this evening. Should bode well for our party, huh?...

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Its Fall!

Man, I love this time of year! The Cool weather, and the fact that Halloween is right round the corner. Plus we finally get to turn the AC's off at the shop, and my Electric, and Gas bill is a little more manageable at the shop!
I've several project on several burners, so keep an eye peeled for those. And for all those in the area, or willing to make the trip. Hope will be hosting our second Halloween costume party.

Hope to see some of ya's there.
Enjoy the weather.

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Its On!

Well Were getting ready to head to Chi Town tomorrow (Friday the 7th) for the Chicago debut of "Quick & Painful"!

At the RotoFugi Gallery . Helping out at this event will be Patrick Cornolo, and his SpeakEasy crew. Which is a good thing, cause Q&P CT damn near killed me. And IM the only Hope guy attending the Chicago show. And if anything like the Hope show. I'll need all the help I can get!
Patrick has also allowed me to host my Seminar, "Lining, Cheatin, Stealin" At SpeakEasy. Sunday the 9th. At 5pm. Check out the Hope Shop for sign up info.

Should be a great time, and IM really looking forward to it. Well most of it at least. I think the Q&P will be just that. Just "Long, and Painful". See ya there.

Saturday, October 1, 2011

So, It was my birth day

Wow, that month just flew the Fuck by!
This past month has been a whirlwind of activity. Between arriving back from Hollywood on round the 10th, and hitting the ground running.
I did a seminar at Paradise Gathering, We had Greg Simkins, and Adrien Dominick paint the back wall at Hope. Played host to Adrien on his week long stint guest spot at the shop. Hope hosted the Baroness's "Quick & Painful" Pop art flash show (I still hurt all over because of that one).
And lets not forget tattooing daily (trying to catch up to the damage I did to my schedule having gone to Hollywood for so long)! all IM trying to say it was crazy.
But I still managed to take the time to turn 43!

The fellers, and Nichole treated me to a B-Day dinner at what is quickly becoming a favorite eatery, drinking place for me. Zafra We had a killer meal, accompanied by some fantastic rum (All recommended by the owner Dominick). He even brought me out my very own B-Day specialty Rum, complete with a candle. Hell who needs cake, when theirs plenty of great rum to be had!
On a more professional level, heres a couple of things I've been working on. The first is a tattoo that I just completed on a feller from LI, NY's ribs, He was looking for an angel similar to an angel on a pretty popular T-shirt. Wasnt diggin that, so we came up with this.

Next is a painting started on the night we did a painting evening with Adrien, and all the rest of the guys at Hope. Lotta fun. IM calling her "Heart Charmer"

Same as usual, Acrylic, on Gessoed (this time) bristol board. Still need a scan of her.
Thats all fer now. Getting ready for the "Quick & Painful" in Chicago. Along with a Seminar at Chicago's SpeakEasy Tattoo.