Sunday, October 30, 2011

3 in the same

Well, its the day after our Hope Gallery Halloween Party, and I wasn't nearly as hung over as you'd have thought. As a matter of fact I was up at 8 am (my normal waking time) this morning. Drinking coffee, and preparing for work. But there was no Tattooing today. So I spent my day today at Hope, Tattooing.
Had a really good time to boot. I managed to finish this piece. IM still unsure as to the title. IM going with "3, in the Same" for the moment.

I initially did the sketch for this piece for 2011 NIX "Death" art show. But wasn't feeling up to doing it back than. So I finally got around to doing her last week. Took about 3-4 sessions. IM not sure about the time.
She's about 9x17" (again, not certain of the size either). All Acrylics, on gessoed, illustration board.

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