Saturday, October 1, 2011

So, It was my birth day

Wow, that month just flew the Fuck by!
This past month has been a whirlwind of activity. Between arriving back from Hollywood on round the 10th, and hitting the ground running.
I did a seminar at Paradise Gathering, We had Greg Simkins, and Adrien Dominick paint the back wall at Hope. Played host to Adrien on his week long stint guest spot at the shop. Hope hosted the Baroness's "Quick & Painful" Pop art flash show (I still hurt all over because of that one).
And lets not forget tattooing daily (trying to catch up to the damage I did to my schedule having gone to Hollywood for so long)! all IM trying to say it was crazy.
But I still managed to take the time to turn 43!

The fellers, and Nichole treated me to a B-Day dinner at what is quickly becoming a favorite eatery, drinking place for me. Zafra We had a killer meal, accompanied by some fantastic rum (All recommended by the owner Dominick). He even brought me out my very own B-Day specialty Rum, complete with a candle. Hell who needs cake, when theirs plenty of great rum to be had!
On a more professional level, heres a couple of things I've been working on. The first is a tattoo that I just completed on a feller from LI, NY's ribs, He was looking for an angel similar to an angel on a pretty popular T-shirt. Wasnt diggin that, so we came up with this.

Next is a painting started on the night we did a painting evening with Adrien, and all the rest of the guys at Hope. Lotta fun. IM calling her "Heart Charmer"

Same as usual, Acrylic, on Gessoed (this time) bristol board. Still need a scan of her.
Thats all fer now. Getting ready for the "Quick & Painful" in Chicago. Along with a Seminar at Chicago's SpeakEasy Tattoo.

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