Saturday, October 29, 2011

New Stuff, winter weather

Well, its been a while. And while its not like i've not been busy, or productive. I've just found myself with little time to update here. Which is a bummer, as theres quite a lot of cool stuff on the horizon.
But i'll post here with a handful of new pieces, as well as an older, healed piece.
Heres a Virgin mother I'd done a few weeks ago on the side of a fellers neck. Have I told you how much a I Hate tattooing necks?!?!

I also got to do a Zombie Hooker (his words) on a hand. Dug ths a lot as its the proper season, only days away from Halloween. & I've not tattooed a hand in a couple of months. So this was a well timed tattoo.

And Finally a healed picture of Ralph's "Angela" Rib panel. Did this about 4 years ago. Healed really well. She's gonna be accompanied by a Spawn rib panel, opposite her. Started, but far from completed.

And now you'll have to excuse me as I prepare for work, a Halloween Costume party. And what there saying will be an unheard of Winter storm, bringing 2-6 inches of snow this evening. Should bode well for our party, huh?...

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