Saturday, March 27, 2010

Almost Home.

Well, still not a whole lotta art happening for me out here in Germany. Today we spent the day hanging out, and seeing the sites. Just a day of rest you might say.
But today is some tattooing. Pretty excited. Bought my self a Swash drive rotary yesterday from Magic Moon out here. Been putting off buying a proper rotary machine for quite sometime. Hope she works as well as everyone says.
But heres some shots of last nights meal at this little place up the road from Andys.

Friday, March 26, 2010


Well IM almost ready to head home from my trip to Germany. The show "Tattoo Ink Explosion" was a fantastic time. Needless to say Jime' Litwalk and I were slammed at the booth tattooing, and selling books.
IM kinda bummed that IM having a hard time with photos of art, So IM gonna just include a couple of snap shots I took of a few of the sketches I tattooed while here. More picts of tattoos can be checked out on my site

IM also including a little video I shot of my good friend and super talented Feller Jime' Litwalk. Heres a little bird sketch he drew up for his client. Some goofy commentary, but all in all, fun.

Friday, March 12, 2010


Ha, that title sounded better in my head. Well I just got this painting back from the scanner. (you see she's awful large, and too big to scan at Hope) IM really happy with the way the scans, and print he made up turned out. IM definitely gonna do a print of this one, so keep an eye peeled.
Funny I really couldn't remember if I liked this piece when I first finished it. See Phil took it right to the scanner feller, like the very next day. So I really had not time to brew on her. But as it turns out, IM liking her. Next she's off to the framer.
But first, Heres a shot of her for ya. She's still my back up should my head cheese piece not turn out the way IM hoping. But fingers are crossed on that one. Been a couple of stressful days for me. So not a whole lotta painting going on. But IM hoping to spend a couple of hours in front of the Easel before I head to Germany on Wednesday, wish me luck...

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Another day,

Well another day of tattooing under the ole' belt, and I finished early enough to get a bit of painting in after work (really only a little, Bout an hour & a half).
Got the gal in this piece pretty much finished. Still need to work on the hair, and mellow it out a bit. But IM pretty sure IM done with this part (IM also pretty sure I'll be back into it before to long).
Now IM onto the face. IM hoping to start that today, but that will really depend on how I feel after my long ass tattoo today. But regardless there should be another update soon.
Wish me luck....

Monday, March 8, 2010

The Start

Whelp, got this one on the board a couple of days ago, and had a day to work on it today. Gotta be honest, IM at the point now with this piece that IM really hating this piece. But I will be honest, IM hoping to pull a rabbit outta my ass here, and make something happen here.
I've kinda a rough tattoo tomorrow, so depending how I feel after that. I'll see what I can make happen.
By the way its acrylics, on Gessoed illustration board.

Monday, March 1, 2010

Been A while

Here's apiece I started a couple of weeks ago. Its from a sketch that I'd done for my "Knock Yerself Out" Sketch book. I started out hating her, and now IM starting to not hate her so much. IM hoping that I can get to a point that I don't mind spending too much time with her. Well one can hope.

She's gonna be my back up painting for the new Last Rites exhibit "Flesh to Canvas 2. Being held this May, at Paul Booths Last Rites. I say my back up, because IM hoping to have another piece done. IM kinda excited bout the idea. But don't even wanna start it till this ones done. Wish me luck.
Keep an eye peeled for the finish of this las. Also keep an eye peeled for info on Hopes "Star Wars Art show, being held this year in June. Check out for more info coming real soon
See ya