Monday, March 1, 2010

Been A while

Here's apiece I started a couple of weeks ago. Its from a sketch that I'd done for my "Knock Yerself Out" Sketch book. I started out hating her, and now IM starting to not hate her so much. IM hoping that I can get to a point that I don't mind spending too much time with her. Well one can hope.

She's gonna be my back up painting for the new Last Rites exhibit "Flesh to Canvas 2. Being held this May, at Paul Booths Last Rites. I say my back up, because IM hoping to have another piece done. IM kinda excited bout the idea. But don't even wanna start it till this ones done. Wish me luck.
Keep an eye peeled for the finish of this las. Also keep an eye peeled for info on Hopes "Star Wars Art show, being held this year in June. Check out for more info coming real soon
See ya


  1. hello joe

    You have a great blog and great art I enjoyed watching your handicrafts !


  2. hey bud, thanks for the good word!
    hey when are you guys doin another
    podcast? i recently got into listening to them, and have been looking forward to another installment.
    be well man.