Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Helllloooo NURSE!!!

  Did this lil' gal this afternoon. Whole lotta fun, and the latest in what IM calling my "Blood Pudin'" Pin up Gal's.
  She's a bit smaller than the latest paintings, 11"x14", Acrylics, marker, pencil, & airbrush on mat board. 
  On a side note, and one thats probably even more important note, I've signed the lease on Hope's new location, and met a couple of Heating, an AC people this afternoon. Here's the space as it stands now. Keep an eye peeled for in progress photo's. Real excited to see how this space turns out. We'll have nearly twice as much room as were currently in. And A full room just to be used as a painting studio space. 
 More on this, and a bunch more paintings I got kickin' round the ole' noodle...   

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Bride, on Board

   Well, busy few days. I've been super busy at work, and talking to the contractors about the build out for the New Hope Gallery. Can't wait for this to be started, and done. More on that later.
  A quick Note, Julio, His wife Denice, Phil, Jessica, Katie (of Pulse), and I all went to Fosters Latest Game dinner, and it was a blast, not to mention delicious! IM not going to get too into it, But I will say we drank too much, and enjoyed food that was well beyond our capacity. But it was great. Nothing like breaking bread with friends, at a great place. Ch
eck out jessicapulse.blogspot.com IM certain she'll be blogging about it in the coming days (picts and everything). 
  So I have Saturday off, and trust me that don't happen all that often. So like any other nut job artist, I spend this beautiful day, indoors, and working. But I do have a silver lining to this black cloud way to spend a day off. I managed to finish this lil Lady. Consequently I drew the sketch for this new, an hour before heading to said game dinner. And had every intention to post it that very same evening. But as fate would have it, too much wine, and  Whamo, Joe should not be behind the key board, and saying silly shit. 
 So Here she is for your viewing pleasure. she measures 16"x20", and like the last painting, she's doe in a mix of markers, acrylic, airbrush, and pencils. 

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Lil' Blood sucker action

 Firstly, let me appolegise for the lengthy time between posts (not that I think anyones hanging on to my every printed word). Things have been hectic to say the least. I've just signed a new lease in a brand new space to move Hope Gallery to, and IM very excited, and a bit freaked out. 
  If anyone here is familiar with our current situation, than you know our space is pretty sweet. Let me say that this new place is gonna be different, but IM so syked to make this move, I can't even begin.... SO I won't.
  But what we have here is the final product of a couple of evenings work. I do hope you enjoy her. She still has no title, but IM certain that one will arise. 
  As for the medium, you have pencils, Marker, Acrylic, and airbrush. She's on 16"x20" Mat board, and IM very happy with the strange skin tone effects. Although this is not the greatest photo, its pretty close to the original. 
 Hope ya like, now IM off to some chillin', and Molly time...

Monday, March 16, 2009

"Bunny LUV", Done, and Done...

  OK, Just finished this lil las. And after the day I had with shopping for supplies, finding parking in down town New Haven, and than Having to square up my #'s to see my accountant with this week. A little bit of light shined on my ass this evening. 
  She's 16"x20" Pencil, Marker, &  Acrylic on colored Mat board. 
  IM hoping Chris of Steadfast clothing digs on one of my last two Bunny pieces, otherwise its back to the drawing board. 
 Aint got much more to add to this lil blog. Its a little late, IM gonna sit on the Caoch with my lil dog Molly, and enjoy an episode of "Dead Wood". While out in CA my friend Obie and his gal tried and hook me on it. Seems to have taken a bit. We'll see. Thanks ya Bastid...

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Still here

 Well folks, as you may have noticed I've been a bit absent from this here blog the past week or so. Trust me I've got a pretty good excuse. 
  Firstly, I wasn't home. I headed out west ta attend the west coast opening of my Fist Full of Metal. If your unfamiliar with what that is, well, tough. I really don't feel like getting in to it. 
  Secondly, It's been busy at the shop, and most of my time has been spent there. But just to show you its not all fun and games in the Capobianco home, here ya go. 
 Its the Latest of my Bunny Paintings. Here IM showing you my attempt at a color study, and the start of the piece. Unfortunately I've only got one afternoon in, so updates will be forthcoming. 
 On a tech note, The piece is started with Prisma color Very thin pencils (they are light fast, unlike there colorerase cousins), and blocked in with Alchol Markers, and painted over with both Golden, and Holbien Acrylics. 
  More to Come....  

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Done, and Done

 Ok, not a whole lot ta say today, But, I've finally gotten to finish this lil Lady. Had ta blow off a Hair cut to do it (and I do need a hair cut), but she's done.
  Pretty happy with her, definitely Kinda a learning experience. You'd think all the time I've got under my ample belt, this shit would come a bit easier. No such luck. 
  IM hoping to start the next one tomorrow, fingers crossed. 

Monday, March 2, 2009

Off to a rocky start

  OK, today was a rough one. We got hammered with like a foot of snow, and of course I need to shovel the crap before heading to work. That having been said, I show up to work a bit late. No sweat my clients have a 2 hour drive on a good day, so today... I get to the shop, and our heat in the building is still out. So I call our management company to complain. Than theres bills that need to be squared up (Man I hate that), and of course thats when my clients show up. 
 Today was just one of those days that I couldn't quite get on track. Besides tattooing in freezing tempetures aint all that easy. But my tattoo turned out nice, and I was off. 
  First I tried to hit the cobbler. I'd dropped off a pair of shoes to be re-soled, and of course (due to the weather), he's closed for the day. 
  So I run home, its still early, and I wanna try and get to some painting. Now I think I need to explain my self a bit. I started this piece after work Sunday, and after a couple of hours of work, I was absolutely hating her. I was seriously thinking bout scraping her, and starti
ng over, or moving on to another idea. 
 But fortunately I've just gotten back from visiting Rodney Raines in NC, and I've seen this feller pull plenty of pieces outta the Fire (all good), so I feel I gotta make the attempt. Sp this evening I give it my best. IM thinking as of right now, I can pull her off. But tomorrow morning, and evening will be the tell. So stay tuned. 
 Now IM off to my din din, and a bit of homemade wine (thanks Jo Jo).