Monday, March 16, 2009

"Bunny LUV", Done, and Done...

  OK, Just finished this lil las. And after the day I had with shopping for supplies, finding parking in down town New Haven, and than Having to square up my #'s to see my accountant with this week. A little bit of light shined on my ass this evening. 
  She's 16"x20" Pencil, Marker, &  Acrylic on colored Mat board. 
  IM hoping Chris of Steadfast clothing digs on one of my last two Bunny pieces, otherwise its back to the drawing board. 
 Aint got much more to add to this lil blog. Its a little late, IM gonna sit on the Caoch with my lil dog Molly, and enjoy an episode of "Dead Wood". While out in CA my friend Obie and his gal tried and hook me on it. Seems to have taken a bit. We'll see. Thanks ya Bastid...

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  1. saw this posted on myspace bulletins and thought i'd add ya. keep up with all the paintings and shenanigans, ya know?! she looks amazing- i especially love the highlights on the shoes(is that weird? haha). keep it up, man!