Thursday, December 31, 2009

New York, Pre New Years, Not for me

Well Against better judgment, and other peoples advice I braved the highways, interstates, and streets of CT, and NY, to do a little holiday visiting with my wife, her sister, and Her friend, from Atlanta. Like any good ex/New Yorker, I know that going to the big city the day before New Years, Hell any time in the month of December/Jauary is complete madness! But I tried and I failed, miserably I might add.
Under normal circumstances I'd have no problems dealing with the traffic in Manhattan, but yesterday, I just wasn't feeling it, and had a near meltdown. I must admit defeat. But Have no fear, and watch yer ass "Big Apple", in the Imortal words of Arnold Schwarzenegger, "I'll be back". Yup I'll hit the streets of the big city again in the near future, and make the cabbies of NY, fear me!

Hah, but all was not a total wasted trip, and all was not a blow out (or me at least), We did hit the Audrey Kawasaki exibit at the Jonathan Levine Gallery
After a very inspiring visit to the gallery (and if you haven't seen it do so), we hit a cute little place for lunch called the "kitchen club" on like Mott, and Spring (I think). Small but nice, probably the last pictures of me taken that day, where I actually had a smile on my face. But alas, all things are not meant to last. And If you know me, you know a smile stands a Snow Balls Chance in Hell to be long lasting.

Well thats all for now, I know I was only gonna be posting my blog on my personal website but I felt that in order to wish everyone a proper Happy, Safe, prosperous New Year! All the best

Monday, December 28, 2009

Yippy Kai, Yay. Done, and Done!!!

See for a full shot, and info on this one.
Again, hate ta make you folks jump from Site, ta Site. IM just trying to utilize the site I pay for more...
have a Happy, Safe New Year...

Daniel, Dos Santos. 2 day, Painting workshop at HOPE

Check out the catalog section on my website for reserving a seat.

Sunday, December 27, 2009

Hopefully one of the last of this one.

IM almost done with this piece. IM hoping to do the tightening up session with paintbrushes, and airbrush this morning, before I start a days worth of tattooing
More on this at

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Chipping away

Getting there, but soooo not... Wanna wish ya all a Merry, and see ya at the end....

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Duckies, Bunnies, and Boobs

Yup, all three in one glorious tattoo (in Progress)! What's Not Ta Like?

Friday, December 18, 2009

Started my Yippy

New In progress up at Check it out folks

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Sneak Peek

Check it out my very own Capo Gal Toy. Brought to you from KidRobot. Check out there blog here
Sweet Huh?
Check out for even more info bout her release.

Monday, December 14, 2009

Yippy Kia Aye!!!

Well New Sketch up on Check it out for more info

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Sketches, and stuff

Interesting Lil ditty posted up on here's just a taste...

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Ok Big doings

Hey all, well looks like IM gonna be making some changes here. IM gonna keep my blog site active. There are just too many blogs that I follow to not know aboit when there made public. But the main changes that I'll be making with my own blog is that IM moving her to my personal web site
I'll continue to infor you all when I've posted a new post, but iM gonna leave most of the goodies off of here, and on my page.
So with that In mind, here ya go
So check out the details at http//

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Finally, some art!

Wow, been awhile since this Blog has been used for art huh. Well getting back to why I started this blog.
Here IM posting my piece for the upcoming Hope Gallery Show (Friday December 4th), "Fear of the Dark". Its entitled "Morning After". No real personal story behind this piece, no deep meaning, or what have you. Just a little creepy piece of art, for creepy arts sake.

I will share a little something with you all here. The Idea for the Fear of the Dark show was Mine, and Eric's, and like most things that I dream up, I fell short. I mean short on time, ideas, creativity, you name it. So what do I do. I went to my trusty sketch book and pulled one of the many, many seconds (multiple sketches done for clients tattoos), done for a fellers (you guessed it) Hand tattoos.
So hear ya have her. Its roughly 8"x10", and she's painted with acrylics (airbrushed, & paintbrush) on gessoed illustration board. I've a niffty little frame to place her in, and yes she is for sale. Just gotta make yer way to the "Fear of the Dark" art show.
I am hoping to try and paint another piece for the show.
Stay tuned, & see if our hero comes thru why don't cha!

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Its not Art, but its Art...

I must say that i've been pretty poor at keeping up to date with my blog in the past. And now here I am, with several updates in just a couple of days, and now, here in just a couple of hours. But with my trip to London coming to an end, I feel that this is a blog that I must drop.
I've been here since the 17th, and having a wonderful time. I've done some fun tattoo's, on some great folks. And spent time with some fantastic people.
Normally when I go away IM all about checking out the local cuisine. This trip started out like most, wanting to get out and about, and try different stuff. But hanging with Lal, is always a tripp. And like all the other times this visit was much like the past. What IM getting at, Lal's favorite restraunt is a little place called Da Franco's. A little Italian joint up the road from his home in Muswell Hill, in the north of London. And he enjoys eating there.
Well being a creature of habit, Lal has taken me to Da Franco's, not once, not twice, But 5 time (including 1 evening, when he claimed to want to cook at home. And ran up the road to grab take out from there). But I must say, I've not been even a little disappointed with one evenings meal. The folks at Da Franco's have yet to disappoint me. The owner/operator Danny D'landro, & his Staff has truly treated us like one of the Family. From his wife/cook Marta, to his head waiter Lester, to the wine stewart Pepe. I really have felt like IM at home, visiting family.
Its a fantastic restaurant, with a great staff, phenomenal food, great, and colorful patrons, and a place i'd highly recommend if your in the area.

Da Franco, Italian Ristorante
30 Queens Parade
Friern Barnet rd.
London N11 3DA

Old School, London style

Today Lal, and I drove to the west of London to visit one George Bone. One of the oldest tattooists in the area, and one Hell of a nice guy. It was incredibly cool checking out his shop, and talking to the man, while he drew this freehand dragon 1/2 sleeve.
I must admit that the Bathroom was one of the keenest things in the shop. When you turn on the lights your greeted by some cool decor, and the chanting of buddhists monks. Very creepy, and cool.
Enjoy the picts.

Tattooing Pin-Ups

Well she's out for your purchasing, and viewing pleasure. I must say that because I've been in the UK the past week (and won't be home till Tuesday), that i've yet to see the whole DVD myself. But what I'd seen before the audio dub, and the little clip IM impressed. And I think the folks who pick up the dvd will be as well.
I will be carrying the DVD as well on my site, but It'll have ta wait till IM back on U.S. soil, as doing anything form London will be difficult.
So keep an eye on more to come, and watch out world Tattooing Pin-ups is here!

Thursday, November 19, 2009

too much fun

No art work to post, but I can say that I've been quite busy here at Lal Hardy's New Wave tattoo. A whole lotta fun was had this evening at Muswell Hill's De'Francos. We had a wonderful evening filled with friends, fun, and oh yes, killer food.
By the way did I mention I finally got to have Haggas. Who thought I'd have it in an Italian Joint, in London England. What can I say, fantastic.
Enjoy the picts.

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Big doings on the Horizons

Well IM off to London England tomorrow evening, and IM at home getting my shit together to pack. Doing Laundry, charging batteries, filling my pencil bag, and spending a wee bit o time with my Lady, and our lil' dog.
And its occurred to me how much shit IM leaving undone, half finished, or kept as just a figment in the back of my mind. I can't help but think that this trip couldn't have come at a worse time. But, IM so wanting to see old friends, and make new ones. Not too mention I just can't seem to shake this freakin feeling that I like to go. Just go, anywhere. Too see friends, meet folks, tattoo my ass off wherever I find myself. I don't know, maybe IM wasting my time, maybe IM squandering what little time I have doing things IM ignoring, or turning a blinds eye to in the meantime.
I don't know... I sure as hell am not the one to answer these questions, and am not entirely sure how the Hell I got on this topic. I really just came here to spout some shit about an upcoming DVD that will be release this week from Gnomon Workshops
IM bummed yet again, because when this gets released I will be over in Merry ole England, and have not even seen the final product. But if the final is anything like the rough i'd seen, or anything Like Nikko Hurtado's href="">
Than this should rock.
So IM done, IM hoping ta drop a blog while in the UK, so keep an eye peeled. And I promise to myself to bust my ass, and produce some art on my return.

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Funny, Munny

Hey All, well Alethea, and I just returned from NYC, and the KidRobot Munny art opening at "The Eloquent Delinquents Gallery". In NYC lower east side. I must say that we only stayed for a bit (as IM not keen on big ass crowds, in little ass spaces), but our time was well spent, and fun.

Picture of Alethea, Myself, and KidRobots Toy Baroness Nichole East. (Thanks for the invite Nichole)
Pictured are some of my favorites in the show. All in all every piece was impressive. All in all a very inspirational show.
The Show will be running all weekend, so check it out...

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Luv Munny

Been awhile. But trust me its not for lack of trying. Been swamped with stuff going down at the Shop, and a bunch of projects IM trying to work on.
Speaking of which, here's my latest. Its an 18" Munny from KidRobot. It'll debut at a KidRobot Function on the Opening evening November 12th, 8-10pm. Show runs thru, November 13-15.
Check it out at "The Eloquent Delinquents Gallery" at 41 Wooster street, NYC, NY.