Thursday, October 15, 2009

Taste Just Like Monkey Brains, and than some...

Hey All well, back to my Easel, and painting away. Just finished this later piece. For the record this painting (red pudding') was started back in like June, or July, for an art show in NYC. But unfortunately I was unable to finish her. But here she is now, months too late, but looking pretty sweet (I think).

Second up started as a tattoo for a client wanting a zombie gal chowing down on a corpse. I came up with this. Unfortunately he's going into the medical profession, and can't show the severed head (whats wrong with the world today, like a little severed head should change ones opinion of someone). So we removed it.

But I really dug the drawing, so I tightened her up a bit, and Walla. Also having a bit of fun with the image of myself for this on. Been a real long time since I painted or drew myself.

Stay tuned ...

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  1. Joe, I just got the new book today and Im super stoked on all the work you did! Thanks a million! Grant