Friday, February 18, 2011

"Madonna Falsa"

Well She's done the "Madonna Falsa" Is complete. Today i finally finished my contribution to the INLE show at Gallery 1988

Really excited bout this show as there is one Hell of a line up. So not only was it an honor to be asked, but a ton of pressure to do a nice piece. I can only hope it compares to the other art for the show.
She's titled The "Madonna Falsa", and yes that is my gal Molly. She's a 12 year old French Bulldog, and she'd love to play with some rabbits.

Actually I've been wanting to do another painting of her, since the first 1 I did of her 8 years ago. Its All Acrylics on Gessoed Board. I picked outta real keen oval, concave glass frame. Looks sweet all done, cant wait to see her on the wall.

Look for me at the show also. Looks like I'll be there in person to check it all out, opening night

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