Saturday, April 16, 2011

Kool Lifestyle: Joe Capobianco tattooing The Pixeleye [HD]

Another cool video shot by Mr Dirk "Pixeley" Behlau. Shot Last year At Andys, Body Electric. While Guesting there 11/10.
Yes it is a black and grey Space gal. And no still no god shots. of her. I was supposed to snag some picts of his leg at last weeks Tattoo Ink Explosion. But we were both pretty swamped, and of course, no pictures were taken. Maybe one day. I can say she healed up slammin'. But it would be nice to have the shots so that folks may start to consider me for there black and grey work. Not that IM bitchin' about only doing color. Hell like I always say, there are worse things?

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