Sunday, March 6, 2011

Booty, Hat

Heres a lil somethin, somethin, I did weeks ago as a bit of fun, and experiment.

Its based (or straight up taken) from a clients sketch that I'd done for his tattoo. Turns out I've been real happy with everything i've drawn for him, and real happy bout the tattoos in general. So i decided to work work up a little practice painting. I say practice painting, mainly because thats what it is. Its just a little Transparent shading grey (Golden Liquid Acrylic), mixed with a bit of (Holbien) Burnt Siena. And just free handed with my Iwata Custom Micron. Its like 11x14" on bristol board. Like I said nothin fancy, just a little something to keep the hands in working order.
Here's the tattoo it was before it made it to Paper

Sorry for the shite cell phone pic. Gonna get sweet healed shots next time I see him.

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