Monday, March 7, 2011

No Pictures, just pissed!

Wow, I've just been informed by quite a few folks out there in Internet land (thank you all for looking out), that there's a shit shop down in FL, that goes by the name Pirates Cove tattoo. That they were using my artwork on there website, as well as having a bio of me on there.
Normally I may not be so upset (if I was asked, or perhaps there was some contact info to me), but upon calling the shop, I spoke with some rude prick, who was imediatelly pissy on the phone, and said that they would remove said art.
Well to there credit they did just that, but proceeded to replace the link with the name "Joe Schmo". Honestly I'd usually not be too pissed, thats cool wanna be dicks, knock yerself out. But guess what. You still have my art on your site (in there "Custom" section), and I want it removed. Said artwork is a Pirate Gal Painted for one Rodney Raines in NC.
So IM asking anyone out there who knows me, and feels like defending me, and all those other artists out there, getting ripped off by hacks on a daily basis to drop these folks a line, and give em a piece of yer minds.

Thanks for your time



SInce the writing of this post, the shop in question has removed all pictures of mine, as well as the bio. An apology has been posted on there site as well.
"The Point" When asked about the pictures, and bio on the site (Via a phone call), there artist (or whoever) acted offended, and nasty. Had he just been polite, and reasonable, explained why they did it. Trust me, I would never have flown off the handle.
For future reference folks. Wanna throw props to someone, Include there Links. Otherwise it just looks as if your fishing for traffic.


  1. WOW!
    I'm speechless!
    Happy you got it all fixed but ... Wow! There's something horrible and unexplainable about people steeling your stuff! However they like to portray it, if your stuff is on their site... The taking advantage of someone else's hard work! It's hard to explain but it's kinda like if you get burgled... It's not the tv you miss that pisses you off so much as the fact that someone came in your house when you weren't there! Anywho, glad you solved it! And glad to know that every time something like this happens, we find out from other people who take the time to be on the lookout!

    Sorry I filled up your comment box ... Just a very passionate subject for me!

  2. I THINK THAT THE SHOP, YOU ARE TALKING ABOUT IS FLAT OUT LIING TO YOU. WENT IN THERE THE OTHER DAY TO CHECK IT OUT..Seems to me they have pirate girl scetched out on the wall, looking like its getting ready to be airbrushed in. The creepy guy there thought i was there for a tattoo..Sorry Joe didnt see any of your books around.Point is that it seems they just have no talent and want to use your beautiful art work as there own.. I LOVE YOUR WORK FROM A FAN