Wednesday, March 16, 2011

There, and Back....

Well, IM back from my quick little jaunt to California. As some may know, I went out to LA to attend the INLE show at Gallery 1988 and I must say it was a blast. From the art hanging on the walls, to all the great folks in attendance. This show was one of the best I've ever been to.

There are even more photo's of the event at Greg's Blog. Such a great time, full of great folks, and Amazing inspiring art.
But that was far from the end of my experience out west. As a matter of fact IM proud to say that this was my first trip there, where I left my gear at home, and just visited a few folks.
My main stop was visiting Obie Hughes, his Gal Amy, and his SpeakEasy tattoo in Ontario CA. There I hung out while Obie, and Worm worked there ass's off, and I just cracked one em. Quite fun, if you were me. Nothing like a bit of Ball busting to set the proper mood of the trip.

But IM not done. My trip was ended by a trip back into LA, and a meal at Rosco's Chicken, & Waffles. If you've never had, and find the idea of chicken, and waffles strange. Trust me, its not, and its delicious. A must dining experience.

All in all, the trip was a success, and a blast. And as usual, tiring. I can say that that IM more than happy to be home, and not looking forward to heading out again. But as usual thats right around the corner.

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