Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Star Wars, Maiden, and beyond!

So Another day, another dollar. Well Maybe a couple of dollars. Today, I finally got some tattooing under my belt, and while doing that, I was putting the several cotes of Urathane on my "Eddie get a Little Head" skate deck for the Toronto NIX Tattoo Convention, art show. Actually somewhat early on the completion, but IM certain it'll make it just in time. As I'll need to give the Urethane ample time to set, and dry. IM pretty happy with the way it turned out, unfortunately the pics are less than fantastic. But, we all know how that is.
Than after my tattoo I guess I was feeling a bit froggy, and decided to get crackin on the sketch for the second piece I wanted to do for the star wars show. IM not certain what IM thinking here, as the show is literally only days away, and I've appointments every day up to the show. Not fun, but IM gonna giver a try.
Here's the sketch, Its Entitled "Let our Droids Service You". (Thanks for that title Eric)
p.s. check out the show on