Sunday, June 13, 2010

Finally done with it

Well after a week of no posts, I've finally got one to post. I must admit that IM hesitant to do so, as the image is quite graphic (even for me). But IM pretty happy with the results.
A little background. Well a few months ago, Eric, Merrill, Julio Rodriguez, and I were asked to participate in the Monica Henk Tribute show. Monica was a very talented tattoo artist, who had her future, & life taken away by a hit and run driver. a couple of years later Monica's Brother, and ex-Husband Dan Henk decided to host a tribute show for her. All 3 of us quickly jumped on it. Me more quicker than Eric, and Julio. Seems a lot of the artists did straight up tributes, using Monica in the pieces. Where I did a painting that I felt had a bit of life, and death significants.
Alas after seeing more and more of the images online (prior to the show). I felt mine didn't quite meet the specifications of the event, nor did it have any true feeling for Monica. So I went back to the drawing board a week before the show. And decided on this piece. For those who didn't know this image is very similar to an image I tattooed on her about a year or so before her passing. So at the time I thought what better to paint than that?
Unfortunately It never occurred to me at the time that Monica's whole family would be present at the opening. And there was a pretty good chance they'd find the image a bit disturbing, and inappropriate. SO with only a several hours to go to completion, I scraped the idea.
Problem being, I was pretty happy with the way the piece was turning out. So over the last couple of days I went back to it. And here is the final product (with a little censoring). As it turns out Dan will be putting the entire show together in a book. As it turns out there were quite a few artists that didn't make the deadline. So this piece will also be included in that publication.
IM still working on the title, but have a few in mind. Its all Acrylic (Airbrush, and brush), on gessoed board. And measures approximately 7x14"
I've shown a couple of close ups. I used a lot more paint brush than in the past. IM really digging the effect I can achieve, even though IM not incredibly prolific, or comfortable at the moment. But all in good time I hope.

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