Monday, May 31, 2010

Little maiden Action

Well I've been painting just about every day this past week (astounding for the likes of me). Which is good, cause I've taken on way more than I can chew here.
But yesterday found me in Hope's studio till late in the day, working on this skate deck. Its for a tattoo convention/art show in Toronto Canada. The shows called "Highway to Hell", and has a, you guessed it, Rock-n-Roll, Heavy Metal theme. Now IM not much of an AC-DC fan, so I went with my old stand by. Lil Eddie Maiden!
I can't even tell you how many Maiden denim jackets I painted back in the day. And IM happy to announce that it don't get tired. This project, so far has been fun. I was gonna go with my standard girly pin-up stuff. But decided this would be more fun, and a bit more unique for me.
So here's where IM at so far. Keep and eye peeled for updates.

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