Sunday, May 2, 2010

Against all odds...

Yup thats right, with a bad back, and after a hard day's tattooing (if such a thing can be said). I completed my art work for the "Tattoo Hand Book 2" (yes there is a 1, it kicks ass, and I was lucky enough to get into that one as well).
IM very excited because I was under the impression that I was late, and that the dead line was the 1st of May. Well it turns out the deadline is indeed the 31st of May, and I am Early for a change. Very excited on my part. So IM giving all you folks out there in Blog land a peak, or I should say an Unadulterated look at what I've done for said project.
Who knows, maybe I'll use this extra time to start a second piece for this project! But probably noy. Too many other projects to get started on...

By the way it was done in Acrylic (airbrush, and brush), Marker, pencil, on Mat board.


  1. haha, i actually checked my email from Dimitri today to be sure i hadn't missed the deadline.

    This one is badass man, and the one in the first book was equally rad. Makes me realize i have some work ahead of me.

    I've got some ideas for the shows you mentioned. What are the deadlines for those? I'm slow as hell so I need to plan ahead!

    I hope you get to feeling better soon man. The only thing that can remotely compare to back pain is tooth pain... and i just broke one of those badboys 2 days ago. awesome. both can really take your breath away without warning.

  2. Just discoverd your work, and I think its great!!! This might be my favorite peace of art yet. Keep it coming