Sunday, February 22, 2009

A couple of sketches, and a cool night...

  OK so, I put this thing up on line so that I feel a little responsible and under the gun, to be a bit productive, and produce some freakin' art. 
  So, one of the many tasks on my little list of things that I need to get off my ass, and do is an image for Chris at SteadFast clothing.

     So if fate works it magic, and I can pull a rabbit outta my ass, IM hoping that all these lil ladies make it from Sketch book, to board, than eventually to my easle. But we all know how fickle that "Bitch" Fate is, so...
  On a side note, last evening (Saturday Feb. 21st.), yours truly, Julio, Rodriguez, his Lovely Wife, Denice, Pete, and Rachel. All Loaded up in the Ole Element (not an easy Feat, I might add), and Hit Paul Booth's Last Rights Gallery, for the Dan Qintana's & Stephen Kasner Art opening. A fun time, hooking up with some cool folks, good friends, and respected peers. All amongst some fine art. Very inspirational, and conversation, to get my blood pumping (if ya weren't there, well...), I might add. 
   Unfortunately, I was Unable to spend the next day painting, but did manage to knock out these few sketches. And with a little luck I'll start a bit of painting tomorrow evening (I've a full day of tattooing, and will hopefully feel like painting afterwards).
    So keep an eye peeled, besides I gotta try and keep up with Julio. Hell I started this Blog thing between the few of us, and now he's a painting up on me. What ever...
   IM off to my chicken in the oven, have a good night.  


  1. Definitely feelin the last one the most! Shit's tight!

  2. sketches look awsome as always but were the paintings man !your slippin, i dont know ,i dont know
    im starting another one tonight lets keep it flowin.

  3. Im with Jesse.. that last one is killer.

  4. shit talkin' tattoo artists of the world,
    unite and take over.....
    you're like the italian yoda of drawin' hot chicks.
    it's like you put the dago in dagoba!!!!
    i'm kidding,
    and not for nuthin',
    but you haven't said "not for nuthin'" on here yet!
    what gives?
    as far as those honeybunnies go:
    the last one, is the one, my man.
    it's all about the cheeks for weeks.