Friday, July 29, 2011

Bloody Bite, and other news

Hey All, well I've been working my Ass off (sort of) at Hope gallery, trying to keep up with tattooing, and painting when my schedule allows. Currently i've completed a few pieces that will be shown at Twenty Two's "Pin Ups, and Pin Stripes" Show Opening August 6th. Wish I could make it.
Which brings me to my next topic. The "Bloody Bite". I've been doing quite a few pieces in Sepia tone, to just try and get my hands in practice. I feel that theres not as much stress (not really), and the results are pleasing (some times).
Im working with Holbein Aero Flash Acrylics, on Raw bristol. And While I started this piece with the New, Badger Krome, I must admit to switching up to my Iwata Custom Micron C.

Now I do realize that while the whole "dark, and sexy" Thing doesn't go along with the Pin-up, and Pin-Stripes theme. I am trying to put together a style/body of work in this theme. So just bare with me, it'll all eventually make sense (hopefully sooner than later).

In other news, while probably more important, I may find myself out on the west coast for the month of August. More on this as I know more, and when IM actually able to talk about it.

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