Sunday, August 7, 2011

Apologies, and stuff...

Well, Firstly I feel I need to start this particular post with an apology. Seems I was made an offer to come out to CA, and work on a new TV show that is being filmed this month. Now I know how a lot of tattooers are feeling bout TV shows today, but IM really thinking this is gonna be something special. And IM prepared to deal with all the fall out later when it aires (I hope).
But the apology is not for doing the show, but to all my clients at Home that have had to be rescheduled, and moved back a month.
I also need to say sorry to all the folks out in Europe, who had hopes of getting worked on the last 10 days of August. Seems that originally this show was supposed to start shooting Mid July, thru mid August. And like many things it was delayed. So I needed to cancel my time to Germany, and Austria. Terribly sorry to everyone out there, especially my friends that I was really looking forward to seeing.
But I feel most of all the biggest apology needs to be made to both Jime Litwalk, and Obie Hughes. Seems that the trip to Europe was my Idea, and I kinda talked them into it. Well now they'll be on a plane with out there 3rd Rat Pack member. And this really bothers me most.
Sorry guys.

But enough with that. Have I mentioned how freakin beautiful its been out here?!?! Truly. When I left CT it was hotter, and muggier than Hell on a bad day. Here its been wonderful.
IM also getting to do a bunch of tattooing, heres a couple of sketches I worked up for my first days work.

Really looking forward to doing more tattoos. So if yer interested, drop me a line.


  1. i would have liked to know what you thought about those tv shows before you had the offer to be in one...hmm...

  2. Actually this is the second time that I've appeared on a tattoo TV show. I did Miami ink, back a few years ago.
    You can also read what my thoughts on the Tattoo TV shows are in an earlier post about TLC's Tattoo School.