Friday, July 15, 2011

Tattoo School, what an embarrassment

Last night was a bummer. As many may be aware TLC aired there "Tattoo School".
Now, IM not gonna rant here, or freak out. But I will say that IM embarrassed. Embarrassed to be a tattooist today. What a joke. I say this because it was a (so called) tattooist that went out and opened this school. And a tattooist that blatantly Lied about the work going on in this "so called" school. It was a tattooist that took the money from ignorant clients, and a tattooist, that was speaking for the cameras. She calls herself a teacher, and claims to be giving up our secrets. When All she's doing is stealing from misguided people, with no sense to realize that she, and all those she employs, are crooks, and absolute shit.
Whats to be done? My suggestion is that she be ostracized from our community. That suppliers stop dealing with her. Other artists no longer associate with her, or her employees. Convention promotors do not allow her to attend there shows.
Tattooers want to "Take Back" there industry. Well heres something within all our reach. Care about the people you associate with. And be accountable for your actions.
IM not one to say that TV is evil, and that a network should be Boycotted for its programming. Hell I've watched Ice Road Truckers, and Deadliest Catch, for crying out loud! I think it is a powerful media, and we should take advantage of it, when we can (like this school just did). But be sensible, and act with caution! Too much can be at stake.
Last Night did nothing but embarrass us, and in all honesty her, and her school.
There is simply too much that I want to say, so I will stop here, and not bore you with the rest.
For more, do yourselves a favor and check out Daves Damn Blog. .Well worth the read.

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