Monday, July 11, 2011

Little "She Wolf" action

Well, got er done finally. "She Wolf" started as an 11x14 sketch/drawing for some Sullen shirt ideas I was working on. I ditched the sketch, and idea, to work on others. But kept the sketch on my wall in my work space.
Eventually, after having done a few mono chromatic pieces I decided to re-work the drawing as a Biker/Tank Girl looking thing. You can almost make out the original sketch underneath.

After making the changes I light tabled the sketch on Bristol board. I really like the bristol, as it makes transferring the sketch to board super easy with the light table.
I had 1 session of a few hours on Sunday to hammer a fair chunk of the piece out, to start.

Theres no Friskit (I learned my lesson after the last piece), the hard outline/silhouette was achieved by making a paper stencil, and tacking it down with a bit of tape. The Bristol is untreated (no gesso), so pulling up the surface is a pretty big concern.

All the paint is a Holbien, Sepia tone. A touch of black was added to darken some of my tones. I tried to do as little white as possible. Relying instead, on the white of the surface. But I still needed to go in, and pull some highlights with an eraser, and brush.

"She Wolf" Acrylic, on Raw bristol. 12'x18"

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  1. Looks awesome Joe. diggin the sepia tones. The heavy contrast is a great touch also. Overall amazing. Keep it up!