Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Finally done with this "Not, Vamp Gal"

This piece started out as a Vamp Gal, for a Leslie West collector/commemorative guitar thing. It turned into more of a straight up Pin Up Miss America/Mississippi Gal. All in all a pretty fun, but frustrating as Hell project.
Thinking I was doing myself a favor, I laid the piece out on Mat Board. I've had much success on this medium in the past. But alas, this time, Not.
Started with the background, and had a ton of fun doing the Mountain Scape. Not something IM known for, and as it turns out Fun. Than the Skull. Always a blast rendering a human (or any other kind) Skull. Played around a bit with color, and was really pleased with the results.
Now comes the gal. Should be easy right? Hell this is what I do. I don't know what my problem is, but it seems every freakin time I start one of these things lately, its like the first time i've ever done it. The skin tones started out tough, and just got tougher. Starting out too red, than too dark, than not smooth enough. Hell it was just an uphill battle from the Gal part on.
But finally after several hours, I called it quits. Made a scan, and sent her off. Only too be told that they thought the gal was a bit dark, and if I could change her. Hah, I wish. But I do have a friend who's pretty savvy with Photoshop, and sent her to him. He made some adjustments to her. and here's where my chosen medium bites me in the ass. Seems that when lightening the gal up, all of the Keen texture (that I like so much in an original piece), just became more noticeable. I can only hope that when she prints it looks good.
IM certain that this is far from the last post about this particular piece of art. And IM certain not the last post with my frustration about my art in general.


  1. She looks just great!!
    Loving it!

    Happy holidays to you and your crew, out there!!!

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