Saturday, July 17, 2010

Hunger Pangs.

Well IM done! In case you didn't know IM pretty happy, bout this, and fairly satisfied with the end results.
Like most of my painting as of late, I do a pretty even mix of Airbrushing, and Traditional paint brush work. I just can;t seem to get away from the use of my airbrushes. But IM trying to incorporate as much paint brush as I can. I really do love the textures, that you just can't seem to achieve with an airbrush.
As usual, all the paint is a mix of Holbien, Golden, and a bit of Badger airbrush acrylics. And all done with my Iwata custom micron c.
Like I said in previous posts, this piece will be one of 3 (by me) hanging at the Black Anchor Collective in CA. Opening July 31st.
Its 16x20", and titled "Hunger Pangs"

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