Thursday, July 8, 2010


Man, I must say that one of my biggest beefs in this industry, is the pure lack of giving a shit about others art!

The other day I was informed about a tattoo shop in NJ that took one of my tattoos and used it for a printed add. It kill me because I post my work online for a handful of reasons. Firstly to advertise myself, and my work. Second, to show off what I've done, and what IM capable of. And lastly to inspire myself & hopefully inspire others.

Now the down side. There's a ton of artists (most Shitty), that don't seem to have a problem ripping off my art, and calling it there own. I mean shit, chances are if your ripping shit off, you suck, and others will most likely be able to tell the difference. And for the poor unfortunates who honestly believe your as good as the pictures you've ripped off. Too bad for them.

Which brings me to this. IM lucky enough to find myself a fairly respected, and even sometimes liked artist. With that, a lot of folks keep an eye out for me, and my art. And thats how this came to my attention.

IM just glad people keep an eye out for your truly. Now all I need to do is figure out a way to get even with these pricks...


  1. Always shitty to find out about this kinda stuff , I hear your pain ! But It's always nice to know there are folks out there who care and keep an eye out for ya !! Good luck with your vendetta but you should know , as much as it hurts to get some goon rip ya off like these twats , that most people wouldn't !

    P.s. I recommend a well tossed poop bomb or two !! Always a hit !

  2. I got your back big daddy, How about sending them dog crap in the mail?

  3. I hope you contacted the paper (crap paper) that published that shit. It would be great if they called these dirtbags out on using others people's work as their own. -Kim