Thursday, July 22, 2010

Eat My Heart Out

Yup, IM done! Very excited. Had the day off from tattooing today, so how did I spend? Like any other nut ball artist with nothing better to do with himself (unfortunately, others would tell you I have better things to do).
But I had good reason to stay in and paint, on my day off. Like I've been posting, IM in this show July 31st out in CA, and this was my last piece for said show.
I must admit that I did a pretty stupid thing. Against my better judgement I tried a new surface to work on. The other fellers in the shop (Eric Merrill, Tim Harris, and Phil Young) all work on this Pastel Board, and they get some amazing results (Mind you they don't suck at painting). I normally paint on gessoed illustration board, but being lazy, and not wanting to cut it, and than prep it. I decided to try my hand with the Pastel board. Wow, what a dumb ass I am. Very different than most of what I've worked on. And I will say that I will probably never use it again.
But IM done, had, some fun, and I hope others like it as well.
This ones a bit more raw than my usual (well not as of late). Its titled "Eat My Heart Out", and its acrylic on Pastel board 11x14.

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