Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Octo heaven

Its been a couple of days of OCtopus tattooing. I say this because, thats pretty much what it was. The day that Greg, and Adrian were out back painting the wall at Hope. I was tattooing a very nice young Lady from Canada.
Shantelle came if for the Paradise tattoo Gathering, and ran into me there Friday evening, after my Seminar. I started a rather large thigh piece on her last June, and explained that I had a few hours free if she were interested in driving the 2,1/2 hours back down to Hope. She figured it beat the Hell outta a 8 Hour drive from Canada, so...

Funny how some things just work out.
p.s. Why IM titling this blog "Octo Heaven is because the following day I finished tattooing a fellers chest panel with my Octo Head piece. Actually its only loosely based on the painting. But i didn't photograph it just yet. Waiting on healed shots in a few weeks. So keep an eye peeled.

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